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Guest Post + Spotlight | Alvita Mack Talks About Making Characters Believable [iRead Tour]


We are back to talk about characters again today! This time, author Alvita Mack is going to talk a little bit about making characters believable. Let’s give a warm Ginger Mom welcome to Alvita!

Making Characters Believable
Alvita Mack

When writing, I think it’s important to make characters believable. This part was probably easier for me than other writers as the character from the book The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks is based on my own son, so I wrote about what I experienced first hand with him. I try to write from my own experience and also make connections to my current reality or of those who are around me. I think when your writing is genuine and authentic then it will be well received.

The world is made up of different people, different cultures, and different views, but we are all human and experiencing this journey called life. There are some roles we play in life that are the same across the board, such as mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, and regardless of any circumstance people are able to connect universally through relationships. So using the people around me for inspiration has helped me develop characters and gave me the opportunity to explore my imagination.

Growing up, my favorite authors and books were Amelia Bedelia and Goosebumps books. I grew up on Long Island in New York. I still live on Long Island but in a different city from where I grew up.

The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks
The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks
by Alvita Mack
Publisher: Mindstir Media
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Genre: KidLit | Cars & Trucks
Age(s): 3-7
Pages: 26
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This story is about a little boy who is fascinated by fire trucks. Throughout his early life, he has dreams about the adventures at the station and the exciting life of a firefighter. The little boy holds his dreams close until one day they become a reality. 


Alvita Mack
About the Author

Alvita is a lover of writing, a teacher, and most importantly, a mom. Writing has always provided a creative outlet for which she finds sensible solutions. Having a son with developmental delays was very challenging for her. However, she used books and original stories to help him overcome the obstacles he faced at an early age. Alvita believes that the imagination is truly a key that unlocks the doors to an endless journey.

Where is Alvita? 
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post + Spotlight | Alvita Mack Talks About Making Characters Believable [iRead Tour]”

  1. Love that she suggests using your own experiences and the people you know around you. That is the best starting place for every writer. I agree it adds a genuine ness to the writing that just can’t be faked. Once the characters get up and walking around you still influence them but its in their own way now. ❤


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