About Us


In July 2017, the Ginger Mom became a duo because one crazy book nerd asked another crazy book nerd to go on this wild adventure and be crazy book nerds (not to be confused with crazy cat ladies) together! And she said yes! (I know, what was she thinking, right? Just kidding . . . we are thrilled to have her here!). So, who are we?


Megan is a 30-something Christian author-in-training who is married to her very own Prince Charming and mama to two spunky, adorable, fun-loving, hyper, hilarious, strangely frustrating, beautiful kids who regularly keep her on her toes (and regularly uttering the words “don’t flush the Legos down the toilet!“). Let’s call them Lady Quinn and Mister Chu (sounds like a James Bond movie, doesn’t it?). Sorry, only nicknames for the kidlets here. Mister Chu and his sister are just learning the wonder of books and this mama can only hope that one day, they will join the book nerd world, as well! Megan is a Time Lord-in-training, a Trekkie, a #coffeeaddict with no desire to be cured, and a lover of chocolate (only the good stuff, please), out-of-the-ordinary Dystopian worlds, and super steamy romance novels. You can usually find her either chasing her kidlets or with her nose buried in a good book, trying to shrink her Tardis-sized TBR pile.



I’m the other half of this crazy book-reading duo.  I’m Crystal, wife, mom, grandmom to humans and furkids alike, a long-time photographer, married to my best bud like two five-year olds, and forever ready for the next adventure.  Because I believe in being all you can and doing what you love, I will work to try to find authors that aren’t “big name” (yet) and hope to “fall down the rabbit hole”.

If you already haven’t guessed, Megan is my daughter.  The apple does not fall from the tree!!

So, if you see me with my Kindle in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other…..give a wave!!  Glad to meetcha!!


And then we have the Mini Reviewers – more fondly known as Lady Quinn and Mister Chu. All children’s books reviewed on the Ginger Mom must first receive their seal of approval. Interests include tractors, cars, Thomas & Friends, and anything that goes vroom! They already love to read and if you combine reading with anything that goes vroom, you will always see happy smiles!

That’s who we are! The faces behind the Ginger Mom blog. Thanks for the visit and we hope to see you again soon!

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As always, thanks for reading!


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