[Audio Tour] Paradise Cove – Patrice Wilton [Review & Giveaway]

Paradise Series Banner

This new heart-warming contemporary romance takes place in the Florida Keys and promises romance/passion, and plenty of adventure. 

Cardiac surgeon, Sean Flannigan, lost his daughter to a rare form of leukemia; he can mend broken hearts, but his is beyond repair. Kayla Holmes, along with her sisters, inherited guest cottages in the Keys after their stepfather died. Their high spirits and positive energy are a beacon of light that directs Sean’s sailboat into Paradise Cove. Can Kayla’s compassion find a crack in Sean’s armor? Sometimes love isn’t enough to heal a wounded heart.

Paradise Cove - Patrice Wilton

For the first half of this book, I completely intended to give it 4 stars. Then, I finished up the last 50+ pages in the middle of the night and ended it with a silly grin on my face (yes, those are pretty frequent). The end of the book definitely brought it up to 5 stars.

I did have one issue in the beginning and that was figuring out which of the women was the one speaking. All the voices blended together . . . in the beginning. So I downloaded the Kindle version and tried to read along with the audio. Then, about 1/3 of the way through the book, this wasn’t a problem anymore. The characters’ voices seemed distinct enough, I think. And I really enjoyed the accent Cynthia Vail gave Sean *almost swoons just thinking about him* She did a great job with Sean, as well as with Miguel and his family.

This book was definitely an easy read/listen. I loved the characters and the story had a very good flow/rhythm to it. There were very few, if any, downtime spots. Everything kept moving along so I always wondered what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to dive into the next one (also an audio for me!).

Disclaimer – This book does have a few very steamy sexual encounters but it wasn’t over the top. I suppose I would call it an 18+ novel but it wasn’t too bad. 

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How about an extra little treat? We even have a little music playlist to go with the book! How fun is that 🙂

Like that? How about another little treat? Who doesn’t love a giveaway!
Paradise Series Giveaway: Amazon Echo Dot

With that, I leave you to your Thursday! But don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a special extra interview with the author of this amazing book, Patrice Wilton!
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[Wrap-Up] July 2017 Month-In-Review

july wrap-up
Wow! I can’t believe it’s August already! July had so many things happening (reviews, author interviews, a cover reveal, and even our first guest post!) that the month just flew on by! And August is shaping up to be just as crazy as we embrace our blog-duo-ship and tackle our first dual review!


We got to interview some amazing authors in July, too!

Monica Leonelle
Jesikah Sundin
Karen Musser Nortman

So much fun! We also took part in a couple blog tours, which I always love doing!

TUiY Banner
A review tour for Tied Up in You by Erin Fletcher
A review tour hosted by Chapter by Chapter for Falling for Forever by Melissa Chambers where we got to hear who Melissa’s dream cast would be for her amazing book!
Princess of the Night cover reveal banner
And just yesterday, we did a cover reveal with Xpresso Book Tours for Princesses of the Night by Teresa Fuentez and Tich Brewster. And I have to say, what a gorgeous cover it is!

Wow, what a month! I can’t wait to see what August has in store for the ladies of the Ginger Mom! Happy reading!

[Cover Reveal] Princesses of the Night – Teresa Fuentez & Tich Brewster

Princess of the Night cover reveal bannerNormally, I would make my pretty little graphics for the cover reveal but this one is so gorgeous (I kid you not) that we’re going to let you see it in all its glory! Ready? Really? Are you ready? Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down. Okay, here goes!
Princesses of the Night coverPrincesses of the Night
(Royal Blood #1)
by Teresa Fuentez & Tich Brewster
Publication Date – September 22, 2017
Genre – New Adult, Paranormal

Tanya is a hardworking college student but her whole world is turned upside down when she meets a mysterious man on Halloween. All that she thought was fiction is now her reality. A night life filled with fangs and blood – and an evil vampire that wants her dead. 

She and her friends are the chosen ones, destined long ago, to save this world from destruction. That’s not easy when your enemy is your sire’s son. 

Meet the Ladies behind the book!

Teresa FuentezTeresa – Born and raised in Oklahoma. I have a passion for writing, reading, basically anything book related. I completed my first novel in 2010, Princesses of the Night, which happens to be the first in a series titled Royal Blood. My novels fall under the genre Paranormal/Fantasy/NA. 

Find Teresa. . .
Website Facebook Goodreads

Tich BrewsterTich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of five. Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas. She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.”

Find Tich . . .
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Not only does this book sound amazing but look at that cover! Holy gorgeous cover, Batman! *shamelessly adds yet another book to her TBR* Thank you to the wonderful people at Xpresso Book Tours for letting me be a part of (and drool over) this one!


[Author Interview] Jesikah Sundin

author interview graphic

I have to say, my favorite part of reading and book blogging is definitely getting to know these amazing authors! A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to share my review of a great new dystopian by Jesikah Sundin. While I had my head buried in her book, I asked Jesikah if she’d do an interview for us and guess what? She said yes! I had so much fun with this one (yes, I know I say that for all of them because honestly, I really do) because I loved getting inside her head!

Jesikah is the author of the dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy (should we see how many genres I can stumble through before I’m done?) series, The Biodome Chronicles. She’s also a fellow Lindsay Stirling addict (if you haven’t heard her music, oh my are you ever missing out!). We are so excited to have her with us today!

jesikah sundin
Megan: Welcome, Jesikah! I always love asking what got authors started on their paths, so what about you? What made you want to be an author? Or was it just something you always wanted to do?
Jesikah: I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can recall memories. First to my little sister. Then to the wildflowers and trees and any animal that crossed my path. And probably to a few bewildered people I cornered while I was still young and developing social cues. But it wasn’t until I met my writing partner at age 15 that I even considered writing a novel. Whole worlds and endless possibilities became mine at that serendipitous moment Melissa and I started what would become a life-long womance. Within minutes of meeting each other, we began plotting out a historical fiction mystery featuring two stowaways from Amsterdam (we never finished that story). At that time, however, my focus was entirely on becoming a technical writer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, not creative endeavors despite my unfettered imagination. Oh how life makes for others plans, though. I never worked for NOAA. But my writing partner and I are still best friends (over two decades later) and have enjoyed many writerly adventures together. She is currently writing a historical fiction piece and I write ecopunk science fiction.

Megan: My absolute favorite question – if you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 books (or authors) would you want with you?
Jesikah: Only three books? THREE? I’m kinda panicking here *bites fingernails*.
1. The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. Beautiful writing. And, gah! The characters and world. I want to go to Cabeswater. *sneaks in The Scorpio Races when Megan isn’t looking* Uh, yeah. Maggie books are awesome.
2. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. I want to write like him when I grow up!
3. A Holly Black book. Or two. All of her titles.
Um . . . I have a problem. I couldn’t pick three books if my life depended on it. I would die clutching them all. *whispers* I love you my pretty, pretty books . . .

Megan: Oh yes, I saw that 🙂 Okay, let’s talk about your book now. Is there any scene in Legacy you would love to jump into? What about it appeals to you?
Jesikah: Hmm . . . that’s an interesting question. I’ve been asked many questions since authordom, but not that one.
Well, I live near Seattle and grew up in Southern California. The Outside World, despite its futuristic tech, doesn’t grip my imagination quite like the anachronistic world of New Eden Township. In particular, I love the scene when Oaklee is sitting in her tree and appreciating her landscape and community, before Leaf interrupts her musings with a forbidden encounter. Even then, I giggled with her younger sister antics while writing them. Such a happy scene for this book.
Now, in Elements – book two – I would love to join The Harvest. I want to hear the women singing as they gather felled wheat and see the baby bassinets hanging in the fruit trees. And, in Transitions, I want to join the Mid-Winter Feasts so I can dance and be merry after several cupfuls of wassail.

Megan: Okay, this is a two-part question . . . computer or handwritten when you write? and Kindle/Nook or hardcover/paperback when you read?
Jesikah: I hand-write my outline but employ a keyboard when scene writing. I prefer hardcovers, but will read whatever is put in my hands, regardless of medium.

Megan: And let’s go with a little freebie question here – is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Jesikah: Sure. Prepare, blog reader, for a shameless plug!
Join my newsletter, Heard it on the Wind… to receive updates, research musings, and flash fiction from Yours Truly, and to peruse hand-selected collections of free, discounted, and new release titles from other SFF/YA authors.
Also, if you listen to music while reading (let’s say, Legacy, for example *wink, wink*), I recommend The Biodome Chronicles playlist on Spotify. Hours of continuous music, people. HOURS. Perfect for book series bingeing.

Thank you so much, Jesikah! I enjoyed Legacy and am on my way to dive into Elements as soon as I finish this!

Want to connect with Jesikah yourself?
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That’s all I have for now! Happy Sunday!
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[Author Interview] Karen Musser Nortman

author interview graphicThis interview was a lot of fun for us because, not only were these our first Book Club reads, but this is also the first interview we have collaborated on since Ginger Mom became a duo!

So who is our guest today?
karen musser nortmanKaren Musser Nortman is the author of the Time Travel Trailer series (we have read and reviewed both!) as well as the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries (which are still floating out there on our extensive TBRs.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Crystal: Welcome, Karen! We are so excited to have you on our blog today! After reading the Time Travel Trailer series, our first question was “was there something that happened that inspired you to write these books?”
Karen: No particular event, but as a grandmother I have realized that when my own grandparents were alive, I never thought about them having a childhood or youth and never asked them the questions I have now. I have thought how great it would be if you could go back in time and see your ancestors as flesh-and-blood kids, not just black and white photos. In the book, Lynne and Dinah are able to do that.

Crystal: What was your inspiration for this particular trailer?
Karen: I became fascinated with vintage trailers and thought what a great time portal one would make. As I outlined in the story, I decided the trailer could only go back as far as its manufacture date and I wanted one that could go back to the Thirties. After research, I found that the Covered Wagon trailers were manufactured in Michigan starting in the Thirties and also found a man online who owns one who gave me a lot of information.

Crystal: I’m curious . . . how long did it take to write this book?
Karen: About five to six months.

Megan: When it comes to your books, computer or handwritten? Which do you prefer?
Karen: I do all my writing on a laptop with Scrivener software. My laptop goes with me in our travel trailer at all times. We purchased a new trailer last year and now I have a comfortable recliner to write in. Or I write outside when the weather’s good.

Megan: That sounds like a great writing environment! I, personally, love Scrivener. But okay, this last question is a fun one I always enjoy asking. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what THREE books would you have with you?
Karen: This is really tough. I have been a voracious reader all of my life. My parents admonished me to “get my nose out of that book” just as today’s parents tell their kids to put down their video games. I grew up loving the Oz books (there are thirty or forty of them), the Betsy-Tacy books about the author’s childhood in Southern Minnesota where I lived, and Nancy Drew mysteries. But to narrow down to three, I think I would have to say The Forsyte Saga by James Galsworthy, Giants in the Earth by Ole Rolvaag, and The Man with a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes. They all have wonderful characters and that’s important to me.

Thank you so much, Karen, for stopping by! We loved the Time Travel Trailer series and can’t wait to start on Frannie’s adventures!

Connect with Karen . . .
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And while you’re at it, check out our reviews of The Time Travel Trailer and Trailer on the Fly!

Happy Saturday!

[Review] Legacy -Jesikah Sundin

legacy - jesikah sundin

A sensible young nobleman, Leaf Watson, and his sister, Willow Oak, live a rustic medieval life rich in traditions and chivalry. Sealed inside an experimental biodome since infancy, they have been groomed by The Code to build a sustainable community devoid of Outsider interference. 

They are unwitting pioneers on a path toward confined interplanetary homesteading. 

Life within their walled garden is predictable and peaceful until the unthinkable happens. With his dying breath, Leaf and Willow’s noble father bequeaths a family secret, placing an invisible crown of power on Leaf’s head. Grief-stricken and afraid for their lives, the siblings defy their upbringing by connecting with Fillion Nichols, a punk hacker who, unbeknownst to them, is linked to their lives in shocking ways. Their encounter launches Fillion into a battle with his turbulent past as he urgently decodes the many secrets that bind them together, a necessity for each to survive.

Youth cultures clash when the high technology of the Anime Tech Movement collides with the Middle Ages in a quest for truth, unfolding a story rich in mystery, betrayal and love. 

This book started out with a very medieval/historical fantasy feel to it and then, once you meet Fillion Nichols, it switches to a clearly gamer/dystopian feel. Leaf and his sister, Willow (Oaklee) are so proper, like royalty. And then you switch to Fillion and his world is more reminiscent of our own . . . actually, very eerily similar. His world is one of instant gratification, technology that does everything for you, and where drugs, games and virtual reality have replaced real human interaction and socializing. I guess that’s what fascinates us about dystopians . . . how easily they could be real. I just wasn’t sure how the two worlds were going to fit in the same story. But they do. Really well.

The first half of this book seemed to take forever for me to read because there is so much to absorb. The world-building was amazing. I could envision what Fillion’s world looked like, and even the world inside the biodome. And then, as soon as I hit the halfway point, I couldn’t seem to turn the pages fast enough. If the first half was the uphill part of the roller coaster ride, the second half of the book is definitely the thrilling rush back down to the ground. I loved all the twists and turns in this book. You think you have everything figured out and then, bam! you’re thrown yet another curveball!

There are two characters I have mixed feelings about. First, there’s Fillion. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about him. In the beginning, I really didn’t like him. He was just this angry hacker who hates his life and he was not a positive character at all. And the way he interacts with Leaf and Oaklee just wasn’t to my liking. But . . . I’m not really sure now. He has changed as a character and, with a third of the story being in his perspective, you kind-of get to know him better and he might not be all that bad.

And then there’s Coal. I wasn’t fond of him in the beginning, either. Too pushy. He’s constantly trying to get Oaklee to marry him and it’s just very off-putting. I completely took Oaklee’s side as far as he was concerned. And then, the last maybe 15% of the book, everything flips. Maybe not such a bad character after all. I am definitely interested to see what happens with his character in the second book. I have my theories.

One of the things I really enjoyed was all the extra add-ons at the end of the book. There are translations (because the characters speak in French and Japanese – I think – quite a bit), definitions of the hacker terms and anime references. And then there’s this little jewel if you keep flipping the pages. A music playlist for the book! Very intriguing to see what type of songs the author thought would best fit her book (not to mention, I absolutely love Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys so I was thrilled to see them on the list!)

Elements” by Lindsey Stirling
Map of the Problematique” by Muse
The Race” by 30 Seconds to Mars
Numb” by Linkin Park
Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day
Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling
Comfort Zone” by General Fuzz
Fortune Days” by The Glitch Mob
Breakdown” by Seether
Moonlight” by The Piano Guys
Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day
Lying From You” by Linkin Park
Madness” by Muse

What a list! Want to connect with Jesikah?
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Start the Biodome Chronicles today – head over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Legacy! It’s such an exciting ride – you won’t be disappointed! “Let the revolution begin.”

Happy Wednesday!
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[Review] Meet Your Match – Lindzee Armstrong

Have you ever loved a book so much that you couldn’t wait to devour all the books in the series? That was me with this book! meet your match - lindzee armstrong

Sixteen-year-old Brooke Pierce doesn’t need her mom to tell her all boys are trouble. After watching her dad break up the family for a woman half his age, dating is the last thing on her mind. 

On the first day at a new high school Brooke meets Luke, the school flirt with a reputation for heartbreak. He’s interested. She’s not. That only makes him chase her more. 

After a shocking revelation from her dad, Brooke and Luke form an unexpected bond, complete with crazy rules to keep them safely in the friend zone. Problem is, that’s the worst place to be when you’re falling in love.

I received this book free from the author by signing up for her newsletter. I knew the author but hadn’t read anything by her when I picked this one up. So, with Mr. Chu drawing a chalk picture on the chalkboard bar that has long-since been removed (too little space, too much chalk dust) and Lady Quinn nestled in my arms, finally asleep (we seem to go through these phases quite a bit), I opened up my Google Play Books app and started reading.

Okay, so that was mid-morning. By evening, I had finished the book (yes, it’s only a 100-something page novella but I have two small children who seem to require A LOT of attention when I sit down to start reading!). And the verdict? It. Was. Amazing! I got to the last page and sat there staring at it. I couldn’t believe it was over. And oh, did I ever crave more! (I think this might be part of my problem . . . you know, why I just can’t get into stand-alones. I always want more). If I didn’t already own every book that had been published at that point, I would have been on Amazon within seconds, madly searching out the next book in the series. It’s that addicting (well, and I might have a teensy book buying problem but shush, no one needs to know that!).

Oh, and writing this review is torture because I just want to gush, gush, gush about this book! But, for obvious reasons (spoilers), I can’t. So, you’ll just have to go pick it up for yourself on Amazon (or, if you want it for free, sign up for Lindzee’s newsletter to get your own copy!).

Find Lindzee on . . .
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Happy Monday! Have any book suggestions for me? BookTube-A-Thon starts today and I think I am completely throwing my TBR out the window!
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[Author Interview] Monica Leonelle

author interview graphicAwhile ago, I was crazy enough to agree to read and review a book in a matter of just a few days (with two little ones, that is crazy talk to me). And it was one of the best things I’ve done because it led me to a new favorite author! That book (Instruments of the Angels) made its way onto my Top 17 of 2017 list and I have the second book in the series patiently waiting on my Kindle.

So let’s meet the talented author behind that series. Say hello to Monica Leonelle!
monica leonelle 7-21-17Monica, thanks so much for stopping by today! How about those questions?

Megan: My favorite question to ask is always, did you always know you wanted to be an author?
Monica: I wanted to be an author as early as third grade, but I also wanted to do other things – acting, singing, probably more! At some point during my childhood I got it into my head that I needed to pursue something safe, smart, and practical. I studied computer science in college and became a software engineer. I did this for most of my 20s until my personal life fell apart around 27. After that, I pursued the arts and haven’t quit since. So my advice to anyone reading this . . . if you refuse your calling or some aspect of who you are, the universe has a way of forcing you into it, sometimes quite painfully.

Megan: Great advice! Okay, here’s a fun one – if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three books would you bring with?
Monica: Probably three really practical books about how to survive on a deserted island.

Megan: How about one last question? Do you have tips for aspiring authors (like myself) or, what was the best piece of advice someone gave you when you were just starting out?
Monica: I don’t know that anyone gave me great advice. I very much fell into this, and I was kicking and screaming for much of my journey. A few things: 1- It will take a lot longer than you think, so just commit to the journey and stay persistent. People greatly undervalue sheer hard work and not quitting when others think you should. 2- The years go by quickly, so try to have one big publishing or business goal that you can hit each year. Rearrange your efforts to hit that goal. 3- Make friends with other authors. They will be your lifeline when you want to quit and they will teach you so much more than you could learn on your own. They will also help you feel sane and supported when everyone else in your life has a regular job.

What great answers! Thank you so much, Monica, for doing this interview! I loved Instruments of the Angels and can’t wait to keep going in the series!

You can find Monica’s books on Amazon, find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website! Stop by and say hello!

Until next time,
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[Review] Love’s First Kiss – Stacy Claflin

This book was my first introduction into the Kindle Worlds. I know so little about it (so seriously, if anyone reading this knows what it’s all about, please let me in on this new thing!).

love's first kiss - stacy claflin

She’s burdened by guilt and tragedy. He wants to help her, but he has secrets of his own. 

Madisyn Steele graduated college with no job lined up and no income of her own. She returned to her childhood home where her wealthy and overbearing father won’t wait for her to get her life in order. He’s continuing his domineering pattern and ruling her life, even going so far as to ignore her wishes by trying to arrange her marriage to Reese Rutherford, a man she despises – just to solidify his business prospects. 

Nate Roberts is barely making ends meet. Despite his hardships, he plans to make it on his own and never return to the home he ran from years earlier. He’s begging friends for food the night he has a chance encounter with Madisyn and everything changes. First he’s willing to go back to Sweet Grove and earn an honest wage for her, then he’s ready to chance hauling illegal contraband just to make the kind of money she’s used to. 

Madisyn doesn’t care about material things. She only cares about Nate. But her father’s plans and Reese’s schemes threaten the future she and Nate are trying to build. Can they reveal their secrets and work through all the issues keeping them apart, or will they ultimately push each other away?

I really enjoyed this book! Even though it was just a novella and therefore, short by definition, I still felt like I flew through it. It was nice to see both Madisyn and Nate having things in their pasts that they didn’t want others to find out about and instead of wrecking the romance, it actually brings them closer. And it was nice to find a romance where it didn’t all lead to sex and then stop there. There weren’t any sex scenes in this book . . . a refreshing change.

Many times, I will skip novellas because things are just too rushed. And here I’m thinking a romance? Isn’t that a bit quick? But that wasn’t the case here! The characters knew each other from high school so they already had the basics, but it had been years since they saw each other. Even with that, I was surprised by how natural everything progressed. I didn’t feel like it was rushed just to keep it under a certain word count.

On that note, everything really wrapped up well, even though I would love to see more from Madisyn and Nate! I didn’t think I was going to like Nate all that much, to be honest, but he really grows on you! I’m excited to dive into the rest of the books in this Kindle World (a very new concept to me – help!) and see what the other authors bring to the table, as well as devouring more of Stacy Claflin’s books!

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Check it out on Goodreads or visit Stacy on her website or Twitter!

Happy Wednesday!
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[Review] Tied Up in You – Erin Fletcher [Blog Tour]

TUiY BannerThere are very few things I super-fangirl about. Amazing publishers that I love just happen to be one of the things. I have yet to find an Entangled Publishing book that I haven’t liked. Of course, the authors are amazing, too! Erin Fletcher is new to me with this book but I adored it! Had I not had to do silly things like go to work, I would have finished this book in a single day.
Tied Up in You - Erin Fletcher

Everyone says hotshot goalie Luke Jackson is God’s gift to girls, but the only girl he wants is his best friend, Malina Hall. He’s always known how brilliant she is, but now that he’s “accidentally” kissed her, he can’t stop thinking about her . . . or wanting to kiss her again. 

Problem is, things have been a little . . . awkward since the kiss. Because she likes him, too? Hopefully, but even if she did, their futures – and the ridiculous schedules that come with them – are in the way. And now one of his teammates is showing interest, and the guy has more in common with Malina than Jackson ever will. 

As her best friend, Jackson should get out of the way. But if there’s one thing he’s learned from hockey, it’s that you have to go for what you want, even if it means falling flat on your face. And he’s definitely falling for Malina. 

Disclaimer: This book contains a hot hockey player who goes after what he wants, a super-hot, super-distracting shirtless workout, and the kind of best friends to lovers romance every girl in the friend zone has dreamed of. 

This is one of those books where I raced to the end to find out what happened (great ending, btw) and was then sad that it was over. I loved these characters so much! Part of the fun of this book was the adventure through it! Watching Malina and Jackson with their teenage awkwardness as friends become something more. But let’s just say that this book was amazing enough that I not only bought the other book in the All Laced Up series (about Luke Jackson’s hockey teammate, Pierce, and his girlfriend – they were so cute together! I can’t wait to dive into their story!) but I also bought another book by Erin Fletcher.

I love the idea of best friends falling in love. I think it makes for some of the most romantic stories. And I really loved how much energy Malina and Jackson put into trying to pretend that they were still just best friends. And the way they finally tell each other how they feel had me laughing out loud (and then quickly covering my mouth, hoping I didn’t wake Lady Quinn or Mr. Chu because it was, after all, 3am!).

This was an absolutely amazing story! Thank you so much, Entangled Publishing, Netgalley, and Erin Fletcher for letting me devour this one! If you’re interested, it’s on Amazon right  now! Go check it out!

Need one more reason to check it out? Here you go . . .

Happy Tuesday!
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