Read Indie With Us in March? [#IndieAthon]


If you have stumbled onto the Ginger Mom blog before, you probably know that Crystal and I are just a teensy bit obsessed with Indie & Self-Published authors. We adore them. And any chance we get to draw attention to these incredible authors, we snatch it up!

Enter #IndieAthon, hosted by Lia, Theo, Marie, Eloise, and Joel. This read-a-thon will go through the entire month of March and there’s even a Bingo board to go along with the challenge 🙂 How fun!


I’ve already picked a couple books to read (before I saw the Bingo board, of course) but I am still going to try to make some fit 🙂


I am so stoked about this TBR! Are the books helpful to the Bingo board? No, not really. I have managed to cover the Mental Health, Retelling, Genre You Don’t Often Read, and Person On Cover spaces. Although . . . if I go diagonally and add a <500 Pages book! Bingo!


And there we have it – Earl of Benton by Madeline Martin (published by Madeline Martin – who knew! She is one of my favorite authors and I never even knew she was self-published!) comes in at 141 pages. BINGO!

Earl of Benton is an ARC that releases on March 6th so I know I will finish that one. The others . . . well, cross your fingers! I suppose A Murder to Die For could count as Backlist, too, because I received it from the author for review forever and a day ago!

Anyway, that’s my TBR. Are you reading #Indie with us this month? If you need recommendations, just give a shout! We have tons!

And, just in case you missed it, stop by Twitter to congratulate Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders on winning the $20 Amazon gift card!

Happy Friday Thursday (it’s my Friday lol) . . .


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