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Blogger Spotlight #1 – Our Inspirations


For our first Blogger Spotlight, we thought it would be fitting to talk about those who inspired this new feature.

giphy (45)

Just before Valentine’s Day, Lacy at A Ravenclaw Library did a Blogger Pride post. She asked bloggers for one of their favorite posts to spotlight and was kind enough to feature the Ginger Mom with our Origin Story. So, if you choose to take part in our Blogger Spotlight, you can thank Lacy for the Bio and Social Media Spotlight 🙂

Dani at Perspective of a Writer was the other half of the inspiration for our Bio and Social Media Spotlight 🙂 Her Weekly Appreciation is always so much fun to read and this woman really has an art for writing post titles. They always have me super-intrigued to see what is coming!

Interested in a Book Blogger Interview? The inspiration for this, of course, comes from the talented Claire at the BrizzleLass (I love that title, btw!) and her Bookshelf spotlight. Her blog is always a joy to read and we look forward to being a part of the Bookshelf in June 🙂 If you’re interested, seriously check her blog out!

That’s all for this week 🙂 Who are some of your favorite bloggers and why do you enjoy their posts? Let’s spread the love!


24 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight #1 – Our Inspirations”

  1. Aww I so agree! Let’s spread the love! That’s my philosophy too 😉😍 I’m so HONORED to be an inspiration for your spotlight! Hahhhaha my titles are crazy, aren’t they?!

    I love getting to know new bloggers and I think it’s fun you’re doing an interview format, it’ll be fun to read those…

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