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[Review] The Witch’s Mess – Jason Bessler [Kidlit Spotlight]


the witchs mess jason bessler

The Witch’s Mess
Written & Illustrated by Jason Bessler
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Pages: 40 (34 illustrated)
Format Read: PDF
Source: Author for Review
Buy: PDF | pre-order Hardcover

After setting the scene and introducing the characters, the story line quickly dives into conflict between Brindal, a young witch, and her magic broom named Broom. Brindal has made a mess of things, quite literally as well as figuratively. Broom gets stuck cleaning up the literal mess. It becomes obsessive, leaving him with little time for anything else. All the while, Brindal just wants to go flying! As a gap grows between the two friends, Broom finally snaps! How will Brindal react? Will they ever find the harmony and adventure which they both seek? Spoiler alert . . . there will be adventure! 

Megan's review

I had the great privilege to review this book recently. It is the first book I have reviewed that was both written and illustrated by the same person and oh, his talent is evident.

The story is simple so little ones can understand it but the artwork is anything but simple. I was amazed by the detail that went into these drawings. Broom seemed to really come to life, as did the other characters. He, however, was my favorite.

This is another one of those stories that teaches kids important values (picking up after yourself, for example *wink*) without really letting them know that’s what it’s doing. All you see is one friend who gets frustrated because he is taken advantage of by his friend. Do they fix their friendship? You’ll just have to dive into this incredible book yourself! It’s an adventure adults and kids alike will enjoy!

michelle fun


Thank you to Jason for our review copy of this adorable book! Mister Chu and Lady Quinn can’t wait until it comes out in hardcover in January!

That’s all for today!
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