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The 2018 AtoZ Challenge is Almost Here!


Are you tired of searching the Inter-webs looking for that perfect reading challenge for 2018? One that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until December 31st? Look no further, we have found it! Or rather, made it! Is it perfect? Nah. Who do you think I am, Cinderella’s fairy godmother?

fairy godmother

That’s okay because we have something amazing planned for 2018 – an AtoZ Reading Challenge! What is it? Simple – we are going to read one book for each letter of the alphabet. Yes, even for the difficult letters (and if you’re looking for ideas, let us know! Goodreads has plenty of books!)

So why join us? For the fun! And the $100 Amazon gift card at the end of the year. But mostly, for the fun!

NPH for the fun!

See? He’s excited!

But don’t worry, we aren’t going to have you sign up and then just drop you off, forgotten. Oh no! By December 2018, you are going to be so sick of us because of all the things we have planned for you! One that we are most excited about is our Monthly Challenges!

Each month, we are going to have 3 extra challenges. Not only will you be adding to your List of Completed Letters, but we will do things like reading a book with a costume on the cover (bet you can’t guess what month that one’s for!) or reading a book with dual perspectives. These extra challenges are just for fun, not for points (I know, throw your tomatoes now . . . just get it out of your system). Don’t worry, there will be little giveaways along the way! I promise you don’t have to wait until December 🙂 AND, you can post updates for the challenges on your blog or do like Megan is – make it an Instagram challenge! Anything goes for these little mini-challenges.


You’re probably thinking “shut up about the challenges and tell us about that prize!” A $100 Amazon gift card! There must be some kind of great big catch to win, right? Nope. Just read, review, and link-up! Each month, there will be a link-up post where you can submit your reviews. It will open on the first day of the month and close on the last day. We will be keeping track of how many reviews each participant gets and at the end of the year, there will be a drawing! If you submit 12 reviews, you get 12 chances to win. Simple as that 🙂


We have had a few people concerned about some of the more challenging letters. And, while Megan and Crystal will be shooting for every letter of the alphabet, we have come up with a solution for those who can’t find that special book for each letter.

The Freebie Letter. What does this mean? It means you can pick ANY letter of the alphabet that you are struggling with and replace it with your Freebie. Need an example? Okay. Let’s say you can’t find a book for “Z” and you’re just not feeling the zombie mood right now. That’s fine – use your Freebie! Then pick any other book and get reading! Remember – you only get ONE Freebie. That means that when it’s gone, it’s gone. And – when you link up your review at the end of the month, you HAVE TO let us know it’s your Freebie or it will count as a duplicate and you don’t get any points toward the gift card for that review! (This is easily fixed by simply writing FREEBIE – Book Title – Author on your link!)

So, how do you sign up? Easy! Check out our AtoZ Challenge page and leave a comment at the bottom with your sign-up post. That’s it!


Oh, and make your TBR (Megan’s has changed three times already! There are just so many books to read!)

beauty and the beast all the books

Sound like fun? We would love to have you join us!


One more thing before we go! How many of you would be interested in doing a group-buddy read? It would likely take place during the summer and we would all vote on what book to read. This would be a month-long event with discussions, a giveaway, and maybe even a Twitter chat or interview with the author! Thoughts? Give them to us in the comments below!

Happy Friday!


29 thoughts on “The 2018 AtoZ Challenge is Almost Here!”

  1. I don’t join challenges as I can’t commit to them. I have for the past couple of years thought about doing an A-Z challenge for myself, but with a huge TBR list that’s not always possible, unless I review books out of order I accepted them. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My problem is that I join challenges and then I read something completely different. I tried a dystopian challenge and a bingo one, a monopoly one. So we figured this one would be simple. Any genre, any format. Just need a title. So we are excited 🙂 You are definitely welcome to join up any time throughout the year if you change your mind!


  2. Sounds fun!
    I tried an A-Z in the past and didn’t come close.
    I’m not sure I’m going to do ANY challenges in 2018. I think my challenge will simply be to read for enjoyment and re-read some of my favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like a great goal! The challenge is open all year so if you want to join, you’re welcome 🙂 I have to point out at some point that you don’t have to complete the alphabet lol. There are going to be different levels. Good luck with your enjoyment ❤❤


  3. I would love to give this challenge a try, but with my current focus with Dark Erotica books and alpha-males story (wink wink, I don’t think I will be able to participate. Goodluck to all the participants! 🙂


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