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[Review] Rhodi’s Light – Megan Linski

I read this book in October of 2016 for a book tour through Xpresso Book Tours. The blog it toured on no longer exists but this amazing book is still worth sharing! Flight. Hyperspeed. Clairvoyance.  These are some of the powers gifted to the Rhodi, an ancient sect of assassins who defend Crescentia, a dystopian… Continue reading [Review] Rhodi’s Light – Megan Linski

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[Book Blitz] The Woodlands Series – Lauren Nicolle Taylor

"It seems so rare these days to find a dystopian with an original vein in it. The Woodlands succeeds." -Author Pauline Creeden "This book was fantastic! Spectacular! It had everything I look for in a book: action, adventure, and even romance!" -Reviewer Jocelyn Sanchez Do you dare enter the Woodlands?  As the last livable spot… Continue reading [Book Blitz] The Woodlands Series – Lauren Nicolle Taylor

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[Review] The Watchers of Eden – T.C. Edge

First off, I love these covers! What initially attracted me to this book was the cover, then of course the description. I am always looking for new dystopian reads. That being said, this book reminded me a lot of Divergent by Veronica Roth. Not saying that's a bad thing. And this book wasn't an exact… Continue reading [Review] The Watchers of Eden – T.C. Edge