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[Book Review & Interview] Torrent – Megan Linski

What if you were in love with heaven and hell? Cassia Delamore is a foster kid. Shuffled from home to home all her life after losing her mother, she's never known her father, nor what it feels like to be loved. She hopes to start a new life in the idyllic town of Heaven. She has… Continue reading [Book Review & Interview] Torrent – Megan Linski

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[Book Review] Angel Eyes – Shannon Dittemore

Disclaimer - This review is migrated over from Blogger under the tag Megz Doodle Reviews. Follow the link and you can find other reviews that have come from Doodles 'n Scribbles blog, as well as Megz Madd Readz.  Once you've seen, you can't unsee.  Brielle went to the city to chase her dreams and found… Continue reading [Book Review] Angel Eyes – Shannon Dittemore