Review Policy


Thank you for considering Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest to review your book 🙂 For requests, please email us at gingermomquest17[at]gmail[dot]com with the cover, synopsis, and detail of when you want/need the book reviewed by.

At this time, both Megan and Crystal are accepting review requests from authors, as well as publishers. We focus mostly on the Indie and up-and-coming authors, but are not limited to those. Requests will be accepted based on current schedules (tours come first, all others are on a first-come-first-serve basis).

Megan reads mostly YA (anywhere from dystopia to romance – no horror, please), but also reads Middle Grade, KidLit, and New Adult romances. Crystal reads travel, YA, KidLit, and Adult Mystery.

We accept audiobooks (Audible only), Kindle (mobi) and physical copies. Megan accepts through NetGalley, as well. If you have a physical copy to send, we will provide our address via email. Note – if we decide not to keep a physical book, we WILL NOT sell it. It will either be donated to our local library or may be offered on the blog as part of a giveaway. E-books and audiobooks will be deleted. No monetary compensation will be received from any book. 

If we rate the book lower than 3 stars, we will not post our review during promotional tours. We do reserve the right, however, to post our honest (though respectful) opinions after the tour has closed. We do not accept monetary compensation in exchange for reviews, as this compromises the integrity of the review.

Our Rating System

5 stars – We loved this book! You will probably find us gushing about this book on all forms of social media (and maybe even annoyingly so in other posts on the blog). It exceeded our expectations!

4 stars – A very good book. There was something about it that made it not quite a 5 star read but it was definitely well enjoyed! A keeper, though probably not as much gushing!

3 stars – We enjoyed this book. It may or may not be a re-read candidate.

2 stars – Eh, not so much. This book was okay but we probably won’t be keeping it. There was some aspect that just didn’t click for us (characters, setting, anything really). We finished the book but weren’t really fond of it.

1 star – Not worth the time. We just didn’t like this book.

DNF – These are rare but on occassion, we will choose not to finish the book. We do try to do the 50-page test (if by 50 pages we are still unable to connect with the book, it will be DNF’d).

Note – We will give books that we DNF a star rating on Goodreads and on Amazon (if requested by the author), but we do not post DNF reviews on the blog.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Review Policy”

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