Review Swap


Megan recently participated in a Review Swap with Annalise @ Who Needs Sleep? and thought hey, this is fun! Why not keep it going? And so, the Ginger Mom Review Swap was created!

What are we going to do? Nothing too fancy – just either pick a review you’ve already posted and really enjoyed OR write up a new review. Megan & Crystal will do the same and we swap 🙂 Easy peasy. Send graphics if you like, send html instead of writing it out. Whatever feels right to you. Ideally, it would be fun to post both reviews on the same day, linking back to each other. If you can’t post on the same day as the Ginger Mom, that’s okay!

Once your review is up, get the word out! This will be a great way for us to showcase even more bloggers than we already are with the Ginger Mom Blogger Spotlight. Who knows, you may find some new bloggers to follow 🙂



Annalise @ Who Needs Sleep – The Bone Road by Mary Holland

Thanks for Swapping!


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