Children’s Book Tuesday


Here at the Ginger Mom, one of the things we are most passionate about is getting books into the hands of little ones around the world. It’s one of the reasons we joined up with the KidLit Exchange and why we work so hard to promote these incredible books.

So, when we couldn’t find anything more than a hashtag on Twitter to link up to, we decided to create our own weekly meme.


For the first few weeks, while we try to spread the word, you can just link your favorite picture book reviews and suggestions. After that, there will be a weekly question to answer. Think of it like a KidLit version of Top Ten Tuesday.

Want to suggest a topic for our weekly gathering? Just fill out the form below. Easy peasy. Don’t forget to spread the word on all social media using the hashtag #ChildrensBookTuesday so everyone can find us!

Looking for our past link-ups? We’ll put them all here as we go!




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