Blogger Spotlight



One of the best things about the book blogging community is, well, the community. ALL OF YOU! Here at the Ginger Mom, we are starting a weekly feature to share some of our favorites (and new favorites!) with you. Every Saturday, we will feature 1-3 book bloggers from around the Interwebs.

These spotlights are going to be in one of three formats . . .

Blogger Interview (we will provide questions)
Guest Post (any bookish related topic – your choice!)
Bio & Social Media Spotlight (add in one of your favorite posts for fun!)

Don’t forget to tell us which one you’d like to take part in 🙂 As we start featuring bloggers, stop back here to catch up on ones you’ve missed!



Feb 24, 2018 Our Inspirations
Mar 3, 2018 LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks – Interview
Mar 11, 2018 Michelle @ Chelle’s Book Ramblings – Guest Post
March 17, 2018 Dani @ Perspective of a Writer – Guest Post
March 24, 2018 The Unique Blogger Award
March 31, 2018 Katisha @ Reel Literature – Interview

Happy Blogging! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂


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