author interview graphicOne of our favorite things to do is talk to other authors. We love hearing how they got started, what great advice they have for newbies like Megan (because someday, mark her words, all those ideas will become a story . . . or at least one idea will). It’s such fun for us!

Here are some of the wonderful authors we at the Ginger Mom have had the privilege to talk with!

Melissa Chambers, author of Falling For Forever (6-29-17)
Monica Leonelle, author of Instruments of the Angels (7-21-17)
Karen Musser Nortman, author of The Time Travel Trailer (7-29-17)
Jesikah Sundin, author of Legacy (7-30-17)
Patrice Wilton, author of the Paradise Cove series (8-4-17)
Katy Haye, author of Rising Tides (8-7-17)