2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge


Yes, you read right – in 2018, we at the Ginger Mom are hosting our own reading challenge! And I’ll be honest, it comes mostly from Megan’s obsessive need to have one book under each letter of the alphabet in our Review Index.

We are still working out all the details but there will be mini challenges, read-a-thons, Twitter parties, and giveaways throughout the year! Have any favorite games (I’ve seen Bingo and Monopoly done so far) that you would like to see converted for this challenge? Let us know!

Update – Because we enjoyed Kid’s Book Week 2017 so much, we will be running the AtoZ Reading Challenge in both kidlit and adult versions!


This challenge isn’t just for people who want to read their way through the alphabet. Are you an author and want us to review your book as part of the challenge? How about an interview? We would love to hear how you got started writing! And as we are also doing a #kidlit version of this challenge, we are looking for authors with adorable picture books that we can spotlight each month throughout the year! Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Then email Megan or Crystal at gingermomquest17[at]gmail[dot]com!

Are you ready to accept this quest? Have you written your sign-up post, optimistically announcing to the world that you are going to read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet in 365 days? Then leave your name and your link in the comments below and grab our cool challenge button there at the top of the post. (That way you can proudly display your intent to take on this insane amazing challenge!) Then tweet it (#2018AtoZChallenge) and tell all your booknerd friends!

Why spread the word? Here’s the exciting part – each month, we will have link-ups for your reviews. And each review earns you 1 point. Each point is worth an entry into our Grand Prize at the end of the year (hint: it’s a $100 Amazon gift card!) So you collect entries that way. The other way? Each person you refer (all they have to do when they sign up is say you sent them our way) earns you an extra entry! How easy is that?

We can’t wait for January to come, bringing with it Instagram challenges, Twitter #AtoZChats with some of our favorite new (and old) authors, prizes and so much more! Sound like fun? We can’t wait to see you there!


The 2018 AtoZ Challenge is Almost Here!
β€œSo What If-?” [#AtoZChallenge FAQs]
AtoZ Challenge Level Badges Are Here!!


January Review Link-Up
January Mini Challenge Link-Up
February Review Link-Up
February Mini Challenge Link-Up
March Review Link-Up
April Review Link-Up and Mini Challenges
May Review Link-Up and Mini Challenges
June Review Link-Up & the #HalfwayGiveaway



259 thoughts on “2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge”

  1. Hi guys, I have a question, I can’t find a book that starts with J, I mean there are but I don’t like them so there’s this book titled Jellicoe Road But in some editions it’s titled ON THE Jellicoe Road.. Can it be counted for J?
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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