Advertise with the Ginger Mom!

ginger mom advertisement

Are you a self-published or Indie author looking to get a little extra exposure for your book? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at the Ginger Mom, we adore Indie and self-published authors. It is one of our blog missions to help you get the exposure you’re craving for your book! That’s why we have added a special reserved space to our sidebar. Our fees are small – $10 a month. This includes a book cover on our sidebar. If you would like us to make a custom graphic for your advertisement, the fee is $15 for the first month, then $10 for any other month you choose to advertise with us.

Of course, before you jump in, you’ll probably want to learn a little bit more about what we can offer, right? Perfect! As of July 2018, we average 3-4,000 views on the Ginger Mom blog, with 550 followers and growing. Our social media follower counts are Twitter (452), Instagram (228), Facebook (103), Google+ and Pinterest (4.7K monthly views, 84 followers).

As we review for all age groups, we are unable to accept any requests for advertisement for erotica novels. We keep our content clean so everyone can enjoy it.




Or you can email us at We look forward to working with you to promote your book!

As always,


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