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We have something a bit new for you today! We’ve done #ReviewSwaps on the blog before but this is the first time we’ve talked about poetry. For this Ginger Mom first, we’re going to turn things over to Parishmita @ Carrots! and hear what she thought of this book 🙂 Let’s give Parishmita a warm Ginger Mom welcome!

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unlocked silences poetry review swap

As you have seen in my previous blogs, this year I have come across some of the upcoming Indian poets like Sunil Bhatia in his book My Feathered Friends and the Book of Poems (Part – 1). Today, I am going to talk about another such book of poems! So, if you are interested in this genre, do read on!

Unlocked Silences
by Mukhpreet Khurana
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Pages: 158

“You let me scream in pain, you let me take joy in every
Possible gain;
My Lord, it is by your mercy and doing that none of
My breaths go in vain.”

I was never much into poetry. Although I loved poems in my school years like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner & Ode to the West Wind, I never went further to explore this field after I graduated! It was only when I received some review requests recently that I thought of giving it another shot! And, I think it was a good decision as I came across many different genres of poetry!

But what about the book in question? Well, I liked it too!

Unlocked Silences is a collection of poems and short dialogues that every reader of poetry should go through! The poems emit a sense of motivation through the lines and the dialogues tries to inspire the readers. The book is imbibed with sophistication and yet the poet’s use of lucid language helps him in reaching out, with his words, to all his readers. The author has a way with words as he uses his lyrical lines to weave a story on the different shades of life and captures the human emotions beautifully. Reading through the pages, I could feel the heart-warming passions with which the author must have formed the phrases. The diverse themes dealt with in the book includes Love, Hope, Rebellion, Life Choices and many more. So, if you ever need a light read, then don’t forget to look for Unlocked Silences as the book is filled with positivity and will give the readers a fresh breathe of hope with each line!

Have you read any poems lately? Do you have any favourite poets or book of poems that you recommend to other readers? Do share it with us!

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Today, Parishmita and I are swapping reviews! You just saw what she thought of Unlocked Silences, now head on over to her blog for my review of Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel 🙂 If you enjoyed Parishmita’s swap, consider giving it a share on Pinterest! And, as always, thanks for reading ❤

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