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Fangirling at BookCon 2018 | Guest Post – Rae @ A New Look on Books

We have an exciting guest post for you today – Rae from A New Look on Books is here to talk to us about BookCon 2018! As I didn’t make it this year, I will be living vicariously through her 🙂 So, let’s give Rae a big Ginger Mom welcome!

Rae Fangirling BookCon 2018

BookCon 2018 has come to pass and while I’m a little late in writing my ode to the Con and the experience and motivation I gained from it . . . here goes!

This was year two in travelling to what I affectionately call the Book Hunger Games. Plans? Check. Map? Check. Tickets to signings? Check. All that prep and still the entire weekend was utter chaos from lines to lines . . . and more lines. With multiple signings, giveaways, and drops going on at once, unless you have developed the ability to clone yourself or managed to bring a small army of minions, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I’ve come to learn that you must make the ultimate decision in terms of your priorities for the event or you’ll end up wandering like a lost soul searching for a read you’ll never find. Signings, panels, drops – oh my! Of course, I make BookCon sound like a book villain that no one will ever love and root for its demise at the end. I’ve set the scene, I’ve pinpointed the villain – lines! Lines I tell you! – and the journey begins.

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Rae @ A New Look on Books

As a fangirl, book blogger, and newbie freelance editor, I’ve come to accept the need to network and kick my introverted self in the butt a few times to get going. Networking and fangirl adventures call for attending big events, such as BookCon. Through mishaps, tight situations, and tough calls, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to Con this year. I was in a car accident the weekend before, moved, and lost my car to damage all before I was scheduled to leave good ole’ PA to head to NYC. Luckily my best friend – she is amazing guys! – picked me up and off we went. Our Airbnb was beautiful, the locations ideal since we were a ferry ride away, and the overall Con weekend passed with minimal wounds. The biggest battle I had to face was with my anxiety and while there is some scarring I really did defeat the dragon in this latest round of wits. Now I won’t go into a huge explanation on the evil that is my anxiety but I will say that to everyone who faces it and continues to fight it, you can do it – wounds and all.

But I digress. During the Con I met authors I’ve only ever dreamed about meeting – let alone conversing with and snagged some of my top priorities for 2018 releases. Shout out to the wonderful authors from Ashley Poston to Deborah Harkness to Naomi Novik to Mackenzi Lee and so many others who not only made me smile but made me feel like my fangirlness was perfectly normal as I waited in lines to meet them and have my book(s) signed. Next, I got to meet the lovely owner of the Enchanted Fandom Book Box and rave about my ACOTAR themed t-shirt that is… soft, soft, and completely drool worthy. Illryian Warriors unit! I’ll have to post a picture of my new favorite mug, the second purchase from Enchanted Fandom’s etsy, soon. Finally, I can’t help but send a thank you to the people in line I talked to and the fellow bloggers I got to meet. I’m looking at you Mo! *waves*

The book community has shown both the good and ugly side of fandoms and what it means to be a part of an evolving community. I’ll never quite catch up on my TBR list, I’ll miss out on signings and preorders, but in the end I know I belong there. BookCon this year taught me it’s okay to be a fangirl, on whatever spectrum of that I fall from hardcore to appreciating, and to not give up on my dreams of fully immersing myself into the community. I will continue reading, blogging, and growing my freelance editing business. I CAN do this! Books are not only my escape but give me hope for a better me and the future I want. Plus… who doesn’t love a good book boyfriend now and again?

Next year I hope to attend BloggerCon, BEA, and then Con again. Am I ready for the crazy? Probably not. But I am ready to be challenged to show what I got as a freelancer and blogger and be with all the other fantastic readers, bloggers, editors, and more out there.

Want to share your own experience about BookCon? Stop on by one of my social media accounts and let’s talk books! Thank you to Megan & Crystal for having me today! 

Rae A New Look on Books
About the Blogger

Raven Eckman, nickname Rae, is a library assistant by day, freelance editor by night, and fangirl at every available opportunity. She always knew books were her passion, well after her grandmother’s challenge to read a book a day, and obtained her B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arcadia University. Currently, she’s drowning in her TBR list, deciding on whether or not to go for her MFA, outlining her would be novel, and expanding her freelancing options while looking for more bookish things to get involved with. She is active on Twitter and Instagram and sometimes Facebook when she remembers.

Where is Rae? 
Website | Freelance Packages | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

Rae, thanks so much for joining us today! We look forward to hearing all about your BookCon adventures next year, as well! 
hugs and happy reading megan


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