5 Reasons Why You Should Read Cinder by Marissa Meyer | #BookChat

As book bloggers, we often face the problem of too many books and too little time. We need to use our time as best we can, picking books we will enjoy. Who wants to waste their time on a cruddy book when they could be reading one that makes it onto your Top Reads of the Year list?

I reviewedΒ Cinder by Marissa Meyer in June for Audiobook Month and talked about how much I loved the book. Now, it’s time to talk a bit about why YOU should read it.

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Reason #1 – Prince Kai.

prince kai fanart
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As I mentioned in my review, Kai is so down-to-earth. He doesn’t act like he’s better than his subjects, Cinder in particular, just because he has royal blood. And I admire that, despite the way Levana pressures him, he ends up doing what is right for the Commonwealth. He’s strong, he’s compassionate . . . Kai is going to make one incredible Emperor.

Reason #2 – Queen Levana.

queen levana the lunar chronicles fanart

Ignoring the fact that she is an evil dictator who takes away her subjects’ will to resist her . . . nope, that about sums her up. Levana is one of those characters you love to hate. She’s the villain you want to fail. She’s sickly sweet but when you cross her, horns come out and she’s a wicked devil. But she is just so intriguing to read about!

Reason #3 – Iko. Comic Relief.

Iko The Lunar Chronicles Cinder fanart
Source: Pinterest fanart

This book can get pretty intense at times. And then, here comes Iko. She’s an android, but if it weren’t for the descriptions of her or some of the things she says, you’d never know. Her personality is classically funny! And originally Iko. In a way, she reminds me of Pinocchio. All she wants is to be a real girl . . . dress up in pretty clothes and swoon over Prince Kai.

Reason #4 – cyborgs. Specifically Linh Cinder.

cyborg cinder the lunar chronicles fanart
Source: Pinterest fanart

It’s Sci-Fi at its finest. Linh Cinder, cyborg mechanic, is the star of this show. Her wit is just snarky enough to make her almost as entertaining as Iko. Almost. She is the perfect Cinderella – evil stepmother, wicked stepsister, falls in love with the prince but can never have him. It’s all so tragically intriguing and as each new mystery unfolds, you find yourself wanting her to succeed even more than you did five pages ago. She is cyborg. An outcast. And yet, she’s the perfect heroine for this story. One of the very few people who can take down Queen Levana.

Reason #5 – Fairytales at Their Finest.

the lunar chronicles
Source: Pinterest fanart

This isn’t just one story. It’s a saga. An entire cast of characters who come together (with the help of an incredibly skilled author), to weave each story into the next. These characters are connected in ways you won’t see coming and they interact flawlessly. Personalities mix together, clashing at times, and the result is epic.

Lets Chat with the Ginger Mom
Have you read The Lunar Chronicles? Why would you recommend it? Iko’s quirkiness? Cinder’s charm? Queen Levana’s wickedness? Let us know in the comments below why you love this series so much and if you like this post, consider giving it a share on Pinterest πŸ™‚ As always, thanks for reading! We wouldn’t be here without you ❀

hugs and happy reading megan


29 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Read Cinder by Marissa Meyer | #BookChat”

    1. I love it!! It’s a great twist on the classic Cinderella. And I love that each book in the series adds another fairytale character. It’s like Once Upon a Time . . . only books! And cyborgs. And evil Lunars!


  1. I’ve been meaning to read this series since well forever haha, but I just haven’t gotten round to it yet. Hopefully within the next month or so I’ll get round to reading it, because this post honestly made me want to read it all that much more.

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  2. I really liked The Lunar Chronicles but didn’t start to love the series until Cress. If you like Levana it is really worth it to read Fairest after Cress. πŸ˜€ Also Iko is amazing. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read Cinder, then got distracted, then re-read it and am now on Scarlet. I like Cinder the best, just because I like her character. But Scarlet’s pretty good too. I have heard the series really picks up at Cress πŸ™‚


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