Let’s Wrap It Up – June 2018


Another one gone? This year is going to be over before we know it! But, the halfway point of the year means there’s still one more day to enter the #HalfwayGiveaway!! Because all of you have been super incredible this year with the 2018 AtoZ Challenge (and because tomorrow is our One Year Blogiversary!), we’re giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!!


All you need to do is have ONE review linked up into ANY of the six monthly link-ups we’ve had so far.

It can be a full-fledged AtoZ review or a mini challenge review. KidLit or Adult, it doesn’t matter. ONE review. Of course, the more reviews you’ve linked up, the more chances you have to win. Tomorrow, we will randomly choose ONE winner so be on the lookout!


I must say, this has been a pretty amazing month for reviews. Fifteen books (counting one that was re-posted and updated a bit from Megan’s previous book blog)! AND, two guest reviews from the incredibly talented wordsmith, Empress DJ 🙂

june reviews.png

Summer Comment Challenge – June


June was my first month participating in the Summer Comment Challenge and I absolutely loved it! I wrapped up the month yesterday so you can see what I thought 🙂



We had a blast with Dani’s meme this month and talked about our favorite Grump with a Heart of Gold, our favorite Wicked Witch, and the Boy We Want Next Door 🙂


We only got one Monday reading check-in done but it’s better than nothing 🙂


This month for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, I talked about an upcoming project and how I am co-authoring my first novel! Eeek!


We linked up with Nikki @ Saturday Nite Reader for her Saturday Spotlight and talked a bit about Ready Player One. Hopefully in July, we’ll be able to link up a bit more often 🙂

June was Audiobook Month!


June was Audiobook Month so we showcased a few of our favorites 🙂 First, we talked about Daughter of Smoke & Bone and why it’s such a great audiobook. Then we dove into Cinder and talked about the fantastic narration in that one. Finally, we finished out the month with a list of our Top 5 Narrators! Are any of your favorites on the list?

Father’s Day 2018


For Father’s Day, we honored all the amazing fathers in our lives by talking about some of our favorite Literary Dads 🙂



June was a pretty chatty month here at the Ginger Mom! We talked about how it’s possible to love the book but hate the character, shared what we learned from our first year as a blogging duo, and chatted with Alvita Mack about how to make characters believable! We also had a big milestone we talked about . . .


So again, let us say thank you!

Road Trip Read-a-thon July 1-31, 2018


It’s almost July so that means it’s almost time for the Road Trip Read-a-thon! We announced our read-a-thon this month and Megan also shared her TBR for it 🙂

Tags | Awards | Book Blogger Spotlight

Tags are always fun so we decided to catch up on a couple this month 🙂 The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag is one Megan has wanted to do for a few years, and the Book Blogger Insider Tag is one we were tagged in months ago! Talk about slow response time 😉

hungry bookworm
Image courtesy of The Hungry Bookworm

In May, we asked you to vote for the blogger you thought deserved to win the Unique Blogger Award. And you chose Megan @ The Hungry Bookworm! On top of the uniqueness of her blog, Megan now has a new Blind Date with a Book shop open on her blog!

blind date with a book

She takes a unique twist on the classic Blind Date with a Book concept by adding a perfectly paired recipe card with each mysterious book! Check it out and see which one sounds good to you!


Last, but certainly not least, we had one Book Blogger Spotlight this month. Ashley & Sabrina from 5171 Miles Book Blog decided to come up with questions and interview each other for their guest post! How creative is that?!

That is FINALLY all we had for the month! What did you June look like?
Are you eager for July? 



10 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap It Up – June 2018”

  1. 15 books is amazing!! I am also happy you jumped on a Saturday Spotlight 🙂

    This was my first comment challenge too- are we supposed to sign up again for July?? I thought it was automatic 🤦🏻‍♀️


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