Discussion | Top 5 Audiobook Narrators [#JuneIsAudiobookMonth]


It’s time for another audiobook chat! June is Audiobook Month and this week we’re talking about narrators.

“I didn’t like the narration.”

Yes, this is one of the biggest complaints I have heard when I ask readers if they listen to audiobooks. Second only to “it’s too hard for me to concentrate on what I’m hearing.” Both are very valid reasons for not enjoying audiobooks. My argument, however, is that many times I think the problem is the narration. I have said before that the narration can make or break a book. A narrator can be extremely talented, but if they don’t fit the image I have of the character, it’s just not going to click. To me, a narrator becomes the character.

Enjoying your audiobook is all about finding the right narrator for you! Today, I’m sharing just a few of my favorites 🙂

Andrea Emmes

andrea emmes
Andrea has been one of my favorite narrators since I read The Transcend Time Saga by Michelle Madow. I fell in love with her narration style and later reviewed The Viking’s Chosen by Quinn Loftis, as well as Conquest by R.M. Mulder. If she’s narrating a book, you can be guaranteed I will pick it up 🙂 A classic example of the narrator making the book! Check out our interview with Andrea before you go 🙂

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Paul Woodson

paul woodson
When I talk about a narrator becoming a character, I instantly think of Paul Woodson’s narration of Bullet Whiskey. As soon as I started listening to Driving Whiskey Wild by Melissa Foster, I could picture Bullet in my head. His expressions, his mannerisms. Everything was conveyed perfectly through Paul’s narration.

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Tiffany Williams

tiffany williams
Tiffany Williams was introduced to me through Lindzee Armstrong’s No Match for Love series, and later through her Chasing Tomorrow duology. Each time I pick up a book that Tiffany has narrated, I am immersed in the story so well that it feels as though I am right there with the characters. Her narration style makes the characters feel so alive, adding personality to the author’s already fantastic creations.

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Jeffrey Kafer

jeffrey kafer
This man is a prime example of being glad you read a book, even though you didn’t like it. I listened to Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink and had serious issues with it being so close to Fifty Shades of Grey. Jeffrey’s narration, however, was what kept me reading. The pacing was perfect (as I am one of those weirdos who likes to speed up audiobooks), and he added a personality to Alexander Stone that fit him like a glove.

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Bradley Pittman

bradley pittman
I first encountered Bradley’s narration through Amber R. Duell’s Fragile Chaos. In every aspect, he was Theodric, God of War. He brought the character to life in ways only a narrator can. Yet another example of a narrator becoming a character. And his collaboration with Jamie Lee-Lewis on the book made it a very enjoyable read. I am eager to try out more of his narrations.

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Those are just a few of my favorite narrators. Do you have any favorites? Do you think a narrator can make or break a book? Let me know what you think of audiobooks in the comments below and Happy Audiobook Month! As always, thanks for reading ❤



10 thoughts on “Discussion | Top 5 Audiobook Narrators [#JuneIsAudiobookMonth]”

  1. I have hearing issues and have never been successful with an audio book… but even as a child, I never really enjoyed anyone reading aloud to me, I’d rather read for myself.

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  2. I’ve only listened to one audiobook, and it was by the same author who wrote the book. I prefer to listen to audios that way because then I get to hear from the author’s perspective on why they wrote the book the way they did.

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  3. I think that for an audiobook to work well there has to be a good match between the author and the narrator. I have heard good narrators that just don’t work with certain books and bad books that the narrator does well with. When I review an audiobook I review both, the writing and the narration and how they work together. I have a few narrators who I will seek out. Tanya Eby (I’ve never heard her do a bad job) Jill Redfield is another great and expressive author (honestly there are so many talents that I enjoy listening to) then there are the writing/ narrator teams that are an outstanding match like Molly Harper and Amanda Ronconi- match made in audiobook heaven. An author can and does make or break an audiobook. They have to be voice actors rather than just read the story. 🙂

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    1. I have put books away (ones that I would have enjoyed) because of the narrator. I picked them up later in paperback and absolutely loved them. I have had others where the story was so-so but the narration took it above and beyond. Thanks for stopping!

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