I Heart Characters #4 – A Grump With a Heart of Gold

If you’re new here and don’t know what I Heart Characters is, it’s a fun meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer. Each week, she gives us a prompt and we get to talk about some of our favorite characters 🙂 


I know I missed a week but we are back with another round of I Heart Characters! and this week’s theme is A GRUMP WITH A HEART OF GOLD. And what better grump than Mr. Gold, himself . . . Rumplestiltskin.


I know a lot of the time, Rumple plays the bad guy. He’s self-serving, sometimes even a coward, and never really seems to have anyone’s best intentions at heart except his own. After all, “everything comes with a price!” BUT, add Belle or Henry into the picture and he can’t be completely selfish anymore. Or Baelfire.


As much as he tries not to, I think there is still some good left in Rumplestitltskin. Yes, it looks like he chose magic and power over his own son. But, at least in the beginning, he did it to be strong enough to protect his son. And, later on, though he manipulates Henry at times, he does still seem to care about him.


Rumple has one last weakness. One last person who makes him be good. Actually, it’s all she ever really tries to do.


Belle. She is the beauty to Rumplestiltskin’s beast and may be the only person who truly loves him. She believes he can be a good person. And, for her, he tries. He really does. He doesn’t always succeed (actually, a lot of times he doesn’t succeed), but he tries.

Who is your favorite Grump With a Heart of Gold? What about Rumplestiltskin? Do you believe he still has some good left in him, despite all his years as the Dark One? Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you feel like talking about your own favorite Grump, head on over to Dani’s link-up and join us! As always, thanks for reading ❤



6 thoughts on “I Heart Characters #4 – A Grump With a Heart of Gold”

  1. Awww this is a show that just keeps giving great characters Megan! And the thing is so far they are evil?! I love that, hahahaha! Actually I LOVE the actor who plays Rumple and I think he really makes the character come alive and gives you that sense that he does have good in him its just that he choose to ignore it for the most part. ❤ I haven’t watched with Belle there but it sounds like she makes Rumple even more dynamic! GAHHH what a show!


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