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ARC Review | Ruthless Magic – Megan Crewe [Divergent Meets Harry Potter!]

ruthless magic megan crewe
Ruthless Magic

Conspiracy of Magic #1
by Megan Crewe
Publisher: Another World Press
Release Date: May 30, 2018
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 368
Source: Author in Exchange for Honest Review
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Reviewed by Megan
Challenges: 2018 Moody Reader

In the contest to keep their magic, the only options may be die . . . or kill.

Each year, the North American Confederation of Mages assesses every sixteen-year-old novice. Some will be chosen. The rest must undergo a procedure to destroy their magical ability unless their prove themselves in the mysterious and brutal Mages’ Exam.

Disadvantaged by her parents’ low standing, Rocio Lopez has dedicated herself to expanding her considerable talent to earn a place in the Confederation. Their rejection leaves her reeling – and determined to fight to keep her magic.

Long ashamed of his mediocre abilities, Finn Lockwood knows the Confederation accepted him only because of his prominent family. Declaring for the Exam instead means a chance to confirm his true worth.

Thrown into the testing with little preparation, Rocio and Finn find themselves becoming unlikely allies – and possibly more. But the Exam holds secrets more horrifying than either could have imagined. What are the examiners really testing them for? And as the trials become increasingly vicious, how much are they willing to sacrifice to win? 


nph mind blown

I haven’t read much by Megan Crewe before but this one completely blew me away! I loved that, almost as soon as the reader is dropped into the story, you get a dystopian / Divergent-esque feeling. Then you add in the magic of the mages and the fact that we’re dealing with teenage mages, fighting for their magic and essentially, their right to survive. To me, this book was what you would get if Divergent and Harry Potter got together and had a love child. All my favorite aspects of both books, combined into one!

20180508_205106.pngThe character development was so well done in this book. Any time you have a book with dual narration, it is a must-read for me. In this case, there was an extra layer with that dual perspective – first, we saw Finn and his old-magic family, only to switch moments later over to Rocio and her new-magic family. We see Finn, who is a less than mediocre mage and he doesn’t think he deserves anything he’s ever gotten, as far as magic is concerned. So, when he is Chosen and his best friend, Prisha isn’t, he Declares for the Exam. He decides that if he’s going to keep his magic, it’s going to be because he deserves to.

Rocio. I really loved her character. She’s strong, creative, loyal. And she’s absolutely determined not to give the examiners or anyone an excuse to think she’s a new magic risk. She’s also going to do everything she can to make sure that their little group makes it out of the Exam alive. I have so much respect for her throughout this book. She stubbornly refuses to give up.

20180509_014139.pngruthless magic megan creweYou’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. And let me first say that the synopsis for this book pulled me in and didn’t let go. The cover, however . . . Are there words to describe how beautiful this cover is? You have Rocio front and center on the cover, all banged up from the Exam, magic swirling around her. And you can almost see the fire and determination in her eyes. Add in the text – such a fitting font if you’re writing a magic / fantasy-based novel.

Everything about this cover appeals to me. It was one of the first things about the book that drew me in. So, even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover . . . wow!

I initially thought this book was going to start out with the Exam and then, after a few chapters or so, move on to Finn’s life after the Exam. Despite her prominent feature on the cover, I thought the book was going to be more about Finn than Rocio. 

The Exam. Wow! What an intense few days. To me, it seemed like so much more time had passed. That and, with each new test the novices are given, it’s hard to believe how ruthless the examiners can be. Ruthless was a perfect title choice for this book.

I received a complementary copy of Ruthless Magic via the author in exchange for my honest review. The gifting of this eARC in no way influenced my review and all opinions expressed within are entirely my own.

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Have you read any of Megan’s books? How about this one? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, if you have? Do gorgeous covers like this one influence your decision to read a book? Let us know in the comments below! And, as always, thanks for reading ❤



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