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KidLit Review | Riley Knows He Can – Davina Hamilton [Children’s Book Tuesday]


It’s Tuesday so you know what that means! It’s time for #ChildrensBookTuesday again! What amazing KidLit books have you read this week? Lady Quinn and I have a gorgeous book about what to do when you get nervous! Want to link up with us? Just click the little blue froggy and share your favorites! It can be a blog post, a tweet about a fav or any other way you’d like to participate 🙂

riley knows he can
Riley Knows He Can

by Davina Hamilton
Illustrated by: Elena Reins
Publisher: The Ella Riley Group
Release Date: April 23, 2018
Genre: KidLit | Multicultural
Pages: 36
Age(s): 5-10
Source: NetGalley in Exchange for Honest Review
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Reviewed by Megan
Challenges: KidLit 2018 AtoZ Challenge

Riley is excited about starring in his first school play – but his nerves keep getting the better of him. His Mummy and Daddy will be in the audience and Riley is excited that they’ll be there to watch him in his starring role as the wise king. In addition, Riley can’t wait to put on his costume – a kingly cape and crown! But he keeps getting overwhelmed by the butterflies in his tummy! What if he walks on the stage and freezes? Or what if he walks on the stage and sneezes? Thankfully, Riley’s big sister Ella is on hand. Not only has Ella helped her little brother to practice his lines for the play, she also gives him the encouragement he needs to take the stage with kingly confidence. With Ella’s help, Riley learns how to ditch the doubt and tell himself he can do it – because deep down, he knows he can! 


Riley Knows He Can is the sweetest story about a little boy who is afraid he’s going to forget the lines for his school play. Of course, he has practiced and practiced, but every kid gets stage fright, right? Of course, with some encouragement from his big sister, Riley realizes that he can, in fact, do this! He is going to be the best wise king ever!

Riley Knows He Can 1
Image Source: NetGalley review copy

Lady Quinn and I had so much fun reading this book together. She was a fan of the pictures, of course, but also seemed to enjoy the story. She pointed out brother and sister, and we talked about how fun it would be to play pretend and be a king or a queen. I think this is a great book for many ages, as proved by my two-year-old’s enjoyment of it. This is one we will be reading again and again. It’s perfect for any kid who might need a little bit of encouragement when something makes them nervous 🙂

Have you ever been afraid you would make a mistake in front of a group? I know I have! What did you do when that happened? Who made you feel better? Was there something you did that helped you relax? Let us know in the comments below! And, as always, thanks for reading ❤



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