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Guest Review | Midlife Crisis – L.B. Dunbar [Romance For the Over 40]

midlife crisis
Midlife Crisis
Silver Fox Former Rock Star #2
by L.B. Dunbar
Publisher: L.B. Dunbar Writes Ltd
Release Date: May 20, 2018
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Romantic Comedy
Pages: 296
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The Empress’ Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Another romance for the over 40.

Midge Everette. I’m forty-one today. It’s my birthday, and I’m crying over burnt toast. That’s not some euphemism. Literally, I’m sobbing over crusty bread, so I call a crisis center. I just need someone to talk to about life. Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line. Sweet cheese, don’t let it be . . .

Hank Paige. as a former rock star, I once had it all. Fame. Fortune. Females. Except for the one thing I wanted most. Then I lost everything. I fix cars now and restore other people’s dreams. I just want to be somebody’s someone. And there’s a certain woman with captivating eyes who might be the more I’m looking for. For the love of all things, please let it be her . . .

In the midst of questioning everything, could love be the resolution to a midlife crisis? If you loved Tommy Carrigan in After Care meet his best friend and former drummer, Hank, as he discovers romance in his forties. Book 2 of the Silver Fox Former Rock Stars can be read as a standalone. 


Favorite Quotes:

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, lady.” His voice rings serious, surprised, as if he hadn’t noticed before and means every word.   

Brut drew the line at the old leather couch. He claims it has sentimental value, and the only thing I can imagine is him losing his virginity on it. Otherwise, the wasted DNA on those cushions could be a science experiment in why people should not reproduce. 

I know I said I want to make all your dreams come true, but I don’t know how. I have nothing to offer you. I’m being selfish because I want you to make all mine come true instead. 

Each time there’s an issue, you actually come to me, and it’s refreshing. You don’t run away, you run forward, and I want to catch you. 

Where is L.B. Dunbar?
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In my vastly unprofessional opinion, L.B. Dunbar is found treasure. I typically read at a much faster pace but I found myself dawdling and humming as I read, wanting to savor every word of this well-crafted, delightfully engaging, deliciously steamy, and dangerously heart enlarging tale. It pleased me. It was sweet, it was sexy, and it was cleverly amusing. I was quickly immersed in the story and remained well invested in the thoughtfully observant and original storylines from beginning to end. Each and every character was endearingly and uniquely quirky, well drawn, and realistically flawed, and insightfully vulnerable; even the surly teenager. The agile and witty wordsmith known as L.B. Dunbar was a recent discovery for me during her last top-shelf offering of After Care, and I could kick myself for blindly overlooking her considerable listing for so long. Reading her skillful arrangements of words has been pure pleasure and seriously habit-forming.

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