I Heart Characters #2 – The Boy Next Door


If you haven’t linked up with us before, the I Heart Characters meme is hosted by one of my favorite bloggers – Dani @ Perspective of a Writer. There is a new topic each week and we gush over our favorite characters! How fun is that? And the exciting thing is that this meme is not limited to books. You can heart characters from whatever media you like – books, movies, k-dramas, TV, manga, anime, etc!

This week’s topic is who would you want as the boy (or man) next door?

So, for this topic I am going to gush just a little bit more about one of the best books I have read lately, and one of the most swoon-worthy male leads . . .

i flipping love you

Yes, I am choosing Pierce from I Flipping Love You. I gushed about this book this week and absolutely love everything about him! And, while I’m not sure this is how I pictured Pierce, the cover photo is still a very good representation of him 😉 And let’s just be clear that Pierce is all MAN – no boy here.

miley gift from the gods

Who would you pick as the boy  (or man) next door? Would it be based on hotness? How about a man who has a sweet spot for animals? Or he helps little old ladies cross the street? If you could choose – who would you pick? Let us know in the comments and Happy Friday! As always, thanks for reading – we ❤ you!



5 thoughts on “I Heart Characters #2 – The Boy Next Door”

  1. I TOTALLY need a man next door and not a boy Megan! I agree I’m not a fan of that cover but maybe because normally these kinds of books have an even more sexy cover?! I’m not sure, not that that guy isn’t hot too… 😉 Thank you for weighing in, I love that you found your character from a recent read… I tend to do that too! ❤️

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