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I Flipping Love You – Helena Hunting [Fixer Upper With a Steamy Twist!]

i flipping love you
I Flipping Love You
Shacking Up #3
by Helena Hunting
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Release Date: TODAY! (May 29, 2018)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 320
Source: NetGalley in Exchange for Honest Review
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Reviewed by Megan

Rian Sutter doesn’t usually get hit on in the grocery store, but when she notices a sexy man in a suit checking her out, she thinks maybe it’s her lucky day. Either that or the suit has a thing for sweaty, yoga-pant wearing women with excellent price matching skills.

Turns out it’s neither.

Pierce Whitfield can’t believe his luck when he’s able to track down the woman who scratched up the paint job on his car at the scene of the crime. But when he confronts the hit and run hottie, he discovers there’s not just one, but two of them, and he’s been throwing accusations at the wrong twin.

As repair costs are negotiated, and the chemistry between them flares, Rian and Pierce find out they have more than mutual attraction in common. They’re both vying for the same pieces of prime real estate in The Hamptons and neither one plans to give up without a fight.

Can these passionate rivals turn up the heat on their budding romance – without burning down the house?


I initially requested this book on NetGalley because it made me think of Fixer Upper and I am completely obsessed (in a good, non-creepy stalkerish way) with Chip & Joanna! So then I stumble on this book and it has all my favorite things – a steamy romance, flipping houses, and strong characters. The main character, Rian (with an I, not a Y) wants to start flipping houses with her sister. Then you have Pierce, a rich guy (who doesn’t act like it), whose brother is trying to get into flipping houses, as well. Add in the steam and you have one amazing love story!

IMG-0067Yes, I am going to touch on this, even though it’s not a magicky-fantasy book. I absolutely love books set in The Hamptons. No, not the richy part. I just love the idea of always being able to live on the water. And it adds something extra to the story, especially the steamy on the beach parts that end in itchy bug bites! That was hilarious 🙂

20180508_205106.pngHow could you not love these characters? Pierce is sooo sexy and I love his devotion to his family. Things suck for him at the moment, because of an oops with the patent on the dolls his family makes, but he’s trying to make the best of it. And the way he tries to get Rian to go out with him is just the sweetest. And then you have Rian. She keeps to herself. She doesn’t let anyone in, because the moment she does, they find out about her family and what her parents did and they take off running. So, she lets herself flirt with Pierce but when things start getting serious, she starts getting scared that he’s going to take off, just like everyone else. She and her sister have had a rough time but I admire her for her strength. She’s taken care of her sister, even when no one was there to take care of them. Strong female characters are a definite plus for me!

20180508_205128.pngFlipping houses, billionaire rich boys, steamy love story. Everything about the plot worked for me on this one 🙂 Well, I was a bit annoyed with Pierce’s brother a few times, because he gives off the impression of only being out for himself, but that was a teensy part. I loved the twists and turns in this story and how it kept moving forward. Excellent pacing.

The ultimate question here is – did the book live up to the hype surrounding it? With I Flipping Love You, that is an unconditional YES! There was nothing about this book that I didn’t like. I loved the romance. I loved how Rian is so over guys when she meets Pierce and the sparks start flying between them immediately. And I loved the sexual tension in this book and the attitude of the characters toward each other. Amazing! Loved it all!

I received a complementary copy of I Flipping Love You via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. The gifting of this eARC in no way influenced my review and all opinions expressed within are entirely my own.

Do you like steamy romances where the main characters do everything they can to fight their growing attraction? What about flipping houses – are you a Fixer Upper addict like me? Let us know in the comments below and if you’ve read I Flipping Love You, we’d love to hear what you thought of it, too! As always, thanks for reading ❤




10 thoughts on “I Flipping Love You – Helena Hunting [Fixer Upper With a Steamy Twist!]”

  1. Great review, I’ve been dying to read a book by Helena Hunting for a long time know I have one book by her but I have not read it yet. But after reading your review I might need to pick up her books soon, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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