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Children’s Book Tuesday + A Unicorn!


When you’re a child, imagination is everything. You can be anything or do anything, limited only by your ability to pretend and create. Sometimes, however, you find out that maybe being someone (or something) else isn’t everything you thought it would be . As the saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener . . .
unicorn cover
Today I’ll Be a Unicorn
Written & Illustrated by Dana Simpson
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: May 8, 2018
Genre: KidLit | Beginning Readers
Pages: 12
Age(s): 3-5 years
Source: NetGalley in Exchange for Honest Review
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Reviewed by Megan

Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn?

In this charming, super-sparkly board book, the stars of Phoebe and Her Unicorn celebrate the magical and enchanting world of being a unicorn, along with reminding young readers that being yourself is pretty great, too. 

Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn? You get to trot majestically through meadows, perch high up on rainbows, and wear tiaras made of starlight. Phoebe lists all the wonderful things she’ll get to do and can hardly contain her excitement about having a tail and magic horn. That is, until she learns that unicorns like to eat hay instead of pizza. Maybe she’ll be a unicorn tomorrow instead! 


This book made me imagine all the pretending I used to do as a child and all the pretending I see Lady Quinn and Mister Chu doing now. I read this book while they were busy building castles and taking their dinosaurs on adventures. When adults look at toys, they see things that can be played with for a bit, then picked up and put away. When a child looks at a toy, they see an adventure! They see all the possible things it can become. And that’s what this book showed me.

Phoebe, a little girl in the prime of her imagination, thinks it would be pretty spectacular to be a unicorn! 

image 1
Image source: NetGalley review copy

She’d have a tail, and this beautiful horn! And magic! To her, being a unicorn sounds so much more exciting than being a plain old little girl. She imagines all the things she could do as a unicorn . . . until she finds out that unicorns don’t eat pizza. Nope, hay is on the menu. Well, on second thought, while being a unicorn sounds fantastic, maybe she’ll do it tomorrow. Today, pizza sounds better.

To be fair, I would trade life as a unicorn for pizza 🙂

I received a complementary copy of Today I’ll Be a Unicorn via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. The gifting of this eARC in no way influenced my review and all opinions expressed within are entirely my own.

Where is Dana Simpson?
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If you could be anything for a day, what would it be? Would you like to sit on a rainbow like a unicorn? How about travel to another planet like an astronaut? Let us know in the comments below what you would love to do if you could be ANYTHING for a day 🙂 And, as always, thanks for reading!



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