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#IWSG – May 2018 [And I Actually Answered the Question This Time!]


First of all, is spring really here? Because we have bounced back and forth between warm weather, then blizzard-type snow storms, and now back to warm. I’m not sure spring can inspire me if it refuses to show its face.

BUT, assuming winter has finally left the building and we are moving onto warmer days for good, the answer to the question is NO. Spring does not inspire me to write more than other seasons. That’s only because my inspiration comes and goes as it pleases. Some days, all I do is argue with my characters in my head (the embarrassing part is when my co-workers witness this and then I have to explain that, no I have not gone crazy). And then, there are other days when I don’t want anything to do with my writing.

What motivates me the most? Reading. I took a pretty long hiatus from my writing after Mister Chu was born and didn’t think I had time to read OR write. It wasn’t until last year, when I started making time for reading again, that my inspiration came back.

How about you?

Let us know in the comments! As always, happy writing!


7 thoughts on “#IWSG – May 2018 [And I Actually Answered the Question This Time!]”

  1. I agree that reading an writing go hand in hand but for some reason if I’m having a great reading month I have no inspiration to write and if I have a great writing month then I don’t want to read. It’s good that you’ve made the time so that you could get some inspiration back 😊

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