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Let’s Chat with Laure! [Happily Blog Tour]

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Hello and welcome, fairytale booknerds! Today, we have the extreme honor of chatting with none other than Laure, from Happily. Her author, Chauncey Rogers, has been so kind to provide us with an exclusive interview he did with Laure 🙂 What an intriguing girl, she is. So, without further ado, I give you Chauncey & Laure!


Thank you for hosting me on the Ginger Mom today, Megan and Crystal.

This post is a Q&A with Laure. Really, it’s kind of an unfortunate Q&A session, since it takes place with the pre-Happily Laure, and I’m sure we can all picture what she’d think of a Q&A session. But who knows? Maybe she’ll talk a bit.

Q1 – If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Seems any other would be better than this.

Q2 – What is your dream vacation?
Vacation? Give me a break.

Q3 – What is your favorite food?
Free food.

Q4 – What do you like to do to relax in the evening?
Sleep, obviously.

Q5 – Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
Go away.

Q6 – What do you want most in life?
For you to leave.

In hindsight, perhaps a Q&A at the beginning of Happily wasn’t the best idea. If I were to pull out a time machine, go back and redo this, would you rather hear from Prince Carl or King Justin? Let us know in the comments! 

Where is Laure?
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Thanks, Chauncey! Laure sure is a girl of few words. Perhaps you would have better luck with Luc? I imagine King Justin would be an intriguing interviewee, as well.

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Check out Speedy Reader‘s Q&A with Luc ❤ And thank you to Chauncey & Laure for joining us today (despite Laure’s grumpy attitude).

Happy Fairytale-ing,

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