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Oh, Inspiration! Where Are You?? [Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 Week 1]


April 1st started with me realizing one very important thing – I have a main plot but really no direction I want my novel to go in. I know it is an Urban Fantasy retelling of Aladdin and The Lion King. Beyond that? Nada.

My goal for Camp NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words in 30 days. Here we are at the end of Week 1. My total word count should be 10,000 words on Day 6 (that’s today). My actual word count leaves a bit more to be desired. 1,513 words written so far. Yikes!

camp nano week 1 stats

Does this mean I’m giving up? Heck no! The very first round of Camp NaNoWriMo that I did back in . . . June 2012 didn’t get started until around this time because that was when I first found out about Camp NaNo. I started a week late and still finished a few days early! So there is still hope for me yet.

i got this

BUT, if I am going to get the Inspiration Ball rolling again, I’m going to need your help! In the beginning, my main character is just coming into her magic. She’s a fae princess, being raised by two humans who have been acting as her guards her entire life. At the beginning of the story, strange things start happening when they’re on vacation, things that lead up to her magic coming back.

What kind of strange things are happening to (or around) my main character?

That’s where I need your help 🙂 Let me know what strange things you think should be happening in the comments below! Let’s get the Inspiration Ball rolling again 🙂

Happy Friday!


20 thoughts on “Oh, Inspiration! Where Are You?? [Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 Week 1]”

  1. Gosh, strange things. You mean like Lights flickering, furniture moving? Not sure where on holiday there are, but if near water, maybe something like rippling, mini tsunami? Maybe lights go out when she sneezes, or she sets things on fire by accident, or levitates when sleeps. Sorry not the greatest ideas.

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  2. Okay…I think it’ll depend on the place they are vacationing? Like, if she’s at the beach, it’s possible that there are way too many dolphins near the shore? (I don’t know if that’s in keeping with your Faerie…) Or if they are near the woods, same thing with birds. Or if they aren’t around nature much at all, then simpler things like setting fire to something out of anger (Is that the kind of power a Faerie might have?)

    Hope this helps to get the ball rolling!

    Oh, and I’m currently at 10,850 words 🙂

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  3. You will certainly be able to catch up! Any progress is progress, you got this.

    As for strange things… Maybe something/someone is following them? I don’t know if that’s considered a strange thing, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head, lol.

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  4. Ok, so at first i thought you meant something strange happens to her that actually activates/ brings out her magic thingie. Like they are on a beach / at the pool, she nearly drowns, but instead she does something with the water and basically saves herself… ?!

    But then i saw the comments and i figured you meant she is using her magic skills and non-magic people see the events as “strange things”. I think all the above suggestions are pretty cool. If she’s involuntarily doing them based on emotions then that would give the story a bit of a dark feel. (Was just thinking about Carrie… )
    But if she for example just uses it for “cute things” like, dunno making a sandcastle by moving the sand with her mind, or creating pretty things (cuz she’s a lil’ kid and likes pretty things) then it would give the story a lighter tone.

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    1. It’s a bit of both, I think. There is an event that is going to “activate” her magic, but she doesn’t really know it at the time. Then, when they are on vacation, different unexplained things are going to happen (that she is involuntarily causing) and she is going to notice them.

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