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#IWSG – Am I Just Wasting Time? [April 2018]


Hello, my name is Megan and I am an insecure writer.

I am sure many authors have had this very same thought, until they have published their first book (and perhaps even after). Am I wasting my time? Is this just a silly fantasy? I should probably be thinking of something practical to do for the next 30-40 years of my life, right?

minions ehh no

Just starting out, everyone has these thoughts, right? No? Just me? Ah well.

This isn’t only true for writing fiction, either. I have often wondered the very same thing when it comes to blogging. Am I wasting my time? Blogging is fun (and yes, it’s a lot of work). I put a considerable amount of time into reading the books, writing reviews, trying to do blog hops and keep our AtoZ Reading Challenge going (and I am not even alone in this blogging world – I am one of the lucky ones who has an amazing co-blogger  . . . but this post is all about me!)


In all seriousness . . . my goal is – eventually – to be a full-time writer. Novels, freelance writing, and blogging. But is it realistic? Can I really make a living doing what I love? 

These are the thoughts that plague nag at me when I slow down long enough to think about them. Especially now, as I start yet another round of Camp NaNoWriMo. Am I wasting my time? Will I even finish? I have started Camp NaNoWriMo and the November NaNo almost every round for the last FOUR years, since I first found it. And I have only finished a couple times. Will this time be any different?

Yes. Yes it will.

Happy writing ❤


4 thoughts on “#IWSG – Am I Just Wasting Time? [April 2018]”

  1. No you are not waisting your time if this is your dream. Pursue it. Nurture it. It’s not the destination that is important but the journey. Embrace and love all that you are doing now. That’s the key. And to hell with the results as long as you had fun and tried 😄 Ok stopping now and happy day!

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  2. Definitely not wasting your time – just biding it. Writing full time requires the same time, effort, planning, and committment that the “practical” jobs require, only you get to love what you’re doing every single day. Start making that plan today!

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