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Little White Fish & His Daddy – Guido van Genechten [KidLit Review]


Once again, it’s #ChildrensBookTuesday time! (And if you have any KidLit books you’d like to share, I encourage you to use the hashtag so we can spread the word and get our children loving books the way we do ❤ )
Little White Fish and His Daddy
By Guido van Genechten
Publisher: Clavis
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Genre: KidLit
Pages: 24
Ages: 3-6 years
Format Read: Adobe Digital Editions
Source: NetGalley
Buy: Amazon | IndieBound
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Reviewed by Megan

Little White Fish has a lot of friends. And they all have amazing daddies. Little Sea Horse’s dad is really fast. Little Whale’s dad is the biggest in the ocean. But, of course Little White Fish’s daddy is very good at something, too! 


I received an eARC of this children’s book
via NetGalley in exchange for my honest
review. The gifting of this eARC in no way
influenced my review and all opinions expressed
within are entirely my own.


Due to formatting issues with Adobe Digital Editions, I stopped accepting books through NetGalley’s Read Now for awhile. I am so glad that I downloaded this one because it is gorgeous!

Little White Fish & His Daddy
Image source: Adobe Digital Editions – NetGalley review copy

I couldn’t find any illustrator information for this book so my assumption (correct me if you know differently) is that the author, Guido van Genechten, illustrated this book, as well. The artwork is stunning. Every page. You see this little white fish swimming around to his friends, each one talking about how amazing their daddy is. And then you get to see Little White Fish’s daddy. It’s such a sweet little story.

I read this book in less than a minute. Of course, when Mister Chu and I went back through it the next day, it took a teensy bit longer. We talked about the different animals living in the sea, Little White Fish’s friends, the colors, the objects in the pictures.

Turtle - Little White Fish book
Image source: Adobe Digital Editions – NetGalley review copy

The turtles were my favorite. He seemed partial to the giant purple octopus. No matter what animals your child likes, this book has something for everyone. And it’s simple. Perfect for little ones to understand as you read to them, or even beginning readers to read by themselves. I have already pre-ordered my copy (it comes out in May!) and can’t wait to watch Mister Chu and Lady Quinn ooh and ahhh over the colors in the paperback!

And the best thing I noticed as I was writing this review? It’s not the only one! I couldn’t get an exact number of how many books revolve around the Little White Fish but these are the ones I found . . .

Five books! Little White Fish Has a Party, Well Done Little White Fish!, Little White Fish is so Happy, Little White Fish Has Many Friends, and Little White FishI can tell you right now, I want them all. And I’m a grown woman!

The amazing thing? You can find them ALL on IndieBound, as well! You know how Crystal and I feel about supporting Indie authors, right? Well, this is supporting Indie bookstores, too! We have one in our hometown and I love taking the kidlets in there because they get to see what a real bookstore looks like, not the mass produced Barnes & Noble that you get in the bigger cities.

Amazon classifies these books as ages 3-6 but I am going to say they are great for any age! Have a child younger than three? They will love looking at the pictures and listening to you read. How about a child older than six? They’re going to be able to read this on their own, possibly even to younger siblings, friends or cousins! Even as a 30-something adult, I loved Little White Fish and His Daddy. Definite Top Ten of 2018 contender 🙂

So, what are you reading this Tuesday?


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  1. I love reading children’s books and the illustrations for this one are so beautiful. I just finished one this past weekend called They Say Blue.

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