2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge

April Review Link-Up & Mini Challenges [2018 AtoZ Challenge]


I cannot believe it is April already! And (as if you haven’t heard it enough already), with April comes Camp NaNoWriMo for this booknerd. So, on top of book tours, blogger spotlights, and all the fun bookish stuff that goes along with the Ginger Mom, I will be feverishly typing away at (what I hope) will be a complete novel, ready for publication by December 2018. Eeek! And, because I need some accountability, I will be updating you all on my progress each Friday with a Camp NaNo weekly wrap-up (so, if you don’t really care much about my writing journey – it’s okay, I still love you . . . for now *wink*), consider it a free day to go blog hunting elsewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

For those of you who aren’t crazy writers who enjoy pushing themselves to write 1,665 words a day (have I gone mad?), do not fear – the AtoZ Challenge is still going on, and we actually have mini challenges for you this month! Yay!

giphy (52)

So what are the Mini Challenges for April?


A book with less than 100 reviews on Amazon
A book with yellow on the cover (it is spring, after all!)

And of course, there is always that elusive blue froggy to follow . . .

Now I’m off to start writing ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t forget to come back Friday and see how my Lion King / Aladdin Urban Fantasy Smash novel is coming (how do you like THAT for a title?!)

Happy writing / reading / blogging,


14 thoughts on “April Review Link-Up & Mini Challenges [2018 AtoZ Challenge]”

  1. Am I missing something or is there only one link for the April books AND the April mini-challenges? Previously there were two separate links and they were found in the original A to Z Challenge post.

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