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Blogger Spotlight #6 – Katisha @ Reel Literature


We have such an exciting interview for you today! I was contacted by Katisha, the creative brains behind Reel Literature, and she graciously agreed to do an interview with us. Her blog is one of the most imaginative I have seen, talking about how the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. She talks about everything from kids books to New York Times bestsellers and everything in between.


Katisha, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today! We are so excited to have you with us 🙂

Q1 – How long have you been blogging?
I celebrated my first blogiversary in September 2017, so I am still quite the newbie to the world of book blogging!

Q2 – What is one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers, just getting their footing in the book blogging community?
I would tell them to keep true to their blogging vision. Although you want to gain readers and followers, it is best to create the blog that you want to read, so you can keep up your enthusiasm ans passion for what you’re doing.

What a great piece of advice 🙂 It definitely makes a difference if YOU enjoy what you’re doing, and it shows in the content you produce. 

Q3 – Do you read multiple books at once or are you a one-at-a-time reader?
I’m definitely a one-at-a-time reader. I envy people who are able to read more than one book at a time. Being a one-at-a-timer really puts a damper on my goal of reading all of the books because there are so many books that I want to read, and I have so little time to read them.

Q4 – What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
I’m getting close to finishing A Wrinkle in Time, which I am reading for the first time! It took me some time to get into it, but I am eager to learn how our heroes save the day! AND, I am actually excited about seeing the story come to life on the big screen because the previews I saw looked beautiful! Before A Wrinkle in Time, I read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. It was a beautifully written story, and I highly recommend it.

Q5 – Do you review everything you read or only certain books?
Yes, I try to review all the books I read, especially since I only read them one at a time, so I have a limited pile of books to choose from. Although, I don’t always write reviews. If I don’t have much commentary on the books, I try not to force anything. Sometimes, I just share the quotes I loved.

Q6 – Do you read / review only one genre on your blog or would you consider it more of a multi-genre / eclectic blog? On the same note, do you read Indie books?
I would say I have an eclectic blog that is definitely not limited to any category. The main books I review are movie books because I love ranting about how the movie got everything about the book all wrong. But, I like to mix it up with any book that piques my interest, and I’m always open to reading Indie books as long as the story sounds interesting.

Q7 – What would you say is your favorite part of book blogging? How about the least favorite?
My favorite part of book blogging is interacting with the community. Book bloggers are the best! 

RoryGilmore GIF

Everyone was welcoming when I started blogging, which made me even more delighted that I decided to blog. The aspect of book blogging that I often give two thumbs way down to is actually writing reviews. I know, it’s crazy to me too! I just often worry that my reviews are terrible, boring, and not that insightful to the reader.

I have a feeling this is a common issue. As someone who has read your reviews, though, I assure you they are anything BUT terrible, boring, or not insightful 🙂 

Q8 – Can you show us a photo of your favorite bookshelf? Do you have a certain way you like to organize your books / shelves? 


I don’t have a particular system that I use to organize my books at the moment because there is limited space in my small apartment. Although, I do like to arrange them on the shelves from tallest to shortest. My current organization system is definitely not my dream set-up because the dream is to have my own library with books lining the walls from floor to ceiling and a ladder!

beauty and the beast all the books

Isn’t that every booknerd’s dream? (I know it’s mine!)

Q9 – Are you an e-reader or physical book lover? Or perhaps a mix of the two?
I could never honestly choose between an e-book and a physical book because they both hold a special place in my heart. I love lining my bookshelf with physical books, but e-readers make it so easy for me to travel with multiple books at a time and read almost anywhere at any time. Having the Kindle app on my phone has saved me in many occasions where I might have had to interact with people! Whew, am I right?!

Oh my gosh, absolutely! Proud to be an Introvert 😉

Q10 – What was your favorite book from your childhood? How about a favorite that you read last year?
When I was a kid, I loved reading, but I never had a favorite book until I read Jane Eyre. Since then, it remains my favorite book. Last year, the best book I read was a children’s book called Rad American Women A-Z because I learned about how some amazing women worked to change this country for the better.

Where is Katisha?
The Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin’

And don’t forget to check out some of Katisha’s favorite posts before you go! This one, or this one, or even this one! They’re all fantastic 🙂

Thank you so much, Katisha! We look forward to seeing much more of your blog in the future.

Happy blogging,


8 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight #6 – Katisha @ Reel Literature”

  1. Katisha’s blog has never failed to surprise me. I love her choice of books and films to talk about. I aso like the fact that she doesn’t try to follow the trend of reading whatever is famous at the moment, something that I wanted to do as well. I am glad I found her a while ago.


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