#SeasonalSeries Read-a-thon [March 20-June 20, 2018] TBR or Not-TBR?

Happy Bloggiesta day 1! Are you signed up? I have a list a mile long but, of course I also have priorities . . . so let’s add another read-a-thon!


I just stumbled on this read-a-thon yesterday and I am so excited because this is a read-a-thon I can get behind. It lasts THREE FREAKING MONTHS 🙂 Normally, I am all excited to join a read-a-thon, and I probably complete the first day or so, but then real normal life takes over. And just like that, all motivation GONE.


You’re probably thinking you can’t handle a week, what makes you think you’ll make it three months?! Logic, my dears. And post-it reminders. I can completely forget about a week and still have time left!

i got this

So what is #SeasonalSeries all about?

This readathon is gonna be all about reading and finishing book series and it is also themed around the yearly seasons!

I have chosen the Summer BINGO card because, let’s face it, this booknerd has had more than her fill of cold. It’s time for some warm weather and maybe I can give Mother Nature a little nudge in the right direction 🙂 Plus, it’s just so pretty!


  1. Read a book from a fantasy series
  2. Read a book while drinking a cool drink
  3. Read a book from a really hyped series
  4. Read a book with yellow on the cover
  5. Read while eating ice cream
  6. Read a book that’s set in summer
  7. Read a book from a YA series
  8. Read while having a picnic
  9. Read a book with LGBT+ characters
  10. Re-read a favorite book
  11. Read a book that has blue on the cover
  12. Read a book from a series that has four or more books
  13. FREE SPACE – read any book of a series
  14. Read a book while eating fruit
  15. Read a book that you’re sure you’ll love
  16. Read a book where someone travels
  17. Read a book while on the go
  18. Read a book from a contemporary series
  19. Read by a pool / sea / lake
  20. Read a book that features an OTP or great love story
  21. Finish a trilogy
  22. Read a book during 24 hours
  23. Read a book someone recommended to you
  24. Read a book while wearing sunglasses
  25. Read a second book in a series

You know what stands out to me? Maybe I can convince Hubby we need a pool to complete #19 *wink*

it's not going to happen

Oh well 🙂 And I could create a TBR for this challenge but I think we all know I would just ignore it and read whatever I want anyway. Instead, we will just call this my Challenge Tracker Post.

Are you in for a THREE MONTH Read-a-Thon? Let us know in the comments!


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