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Elijah and His Invisible Friend – Elijah & Sabrena Bishop [KidLit Review]

We are so excited to be able to bring you yet another KidLit book written by a child author! This one is an adorable story about a little boy and his imaginary dinosaur friend.

IMG_20180313_000423_177000.png s732341061716840709_p21_i1_w1275.pngElijah and His Invisible Friend
Madison & Elijah #1
By Elijah Bishop & Sabrena Bishop
Illustrated by: Lionel Emabat
Publisher: Lauren Simone Publishing
Release Date: December 27, 2017
Genre: KidLit
Pages: 32
Format Read: Paperback
Source: Author for Review
Buy: Amazon
Reviewed by Megan

Madison and Elijah are sister and brother. Every day is an adventure. Sometimes they go on adventures together and other times they have their private adventure. Elijah’s mom thinks Elijah has an imaginary friend. But Elijah believes his friend is very real. Read to find out who this invisible friend is!

I received this book free from the author / publisher
in exchange for my honest opinion. This, in no way, influences
my review. 


I am always excited to see children sharing their love of books. And what better way to do so than to write one? Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was approached by Lauren Simone Publishing and asked to review this book. I had never seen a publishing house created by children and focusing on such young authors.

giphy (60)

Elijah and His Invisible Friend is so cute. And I loved that the dinosaur isn’t his imaginary friend. You see the adventures this little boy has with his friend, Rex, as if he is simply invisible. He’s real. Oh yes, he’s real. But he’s just invisible. And I thought that was a very interesting twist on the classic imaginary friend.

The artwork style really fit this book. I enjoyed how Rex came to life through the illustrations.

elijah and rex
Image source: Amazon

And the two friends’ interactions with each other were so much fun to read. Mister Chu and I read this before bedtime and, of course, his favorite part was where Elijah expertly explains to his mom why Rex stinks . . . he’s afraid of the water, of course. So he is a smelly dinosaur. That one got quite a few chuckles out of Mister Chu 🙂

Mister Chu and I definitely recommend this one and look forward to reading more of the Madison and Elijah series.

Did you have an invisible friend when you were little? I had two – Geeg and Ive. They stuck around for awhile, then out the window they went – OOPS! Tell us about yours in the comments below!

Happy #ChildrensBookTuesday!



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