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Earl of Benton – Madeline Martin


Of course, Madeline Martin would find a way to put a sexy highlander into a Regency book 🙂

Earl of Benton
Wicked Earls’ Club #9
by Madeline Martin
Publisher: Madeline Martin
Release Date: March 6, 2018
Genre: Scottish / Regency Historical Romance
Pages: 141
Format Read: Kindle
Source: Author for Review
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Reviewed by Megan

Alistair Johnstone’s days of running whisky come to an abrupt halt when he inherits an earldom. After years of living in Scotland and denying his English heritage, he must now return despite his mother’s bitter contempt and his own lack of desire. When his mother’s attempt to run whisky goes awry, Alistair is forced to step in and save her by doing one last whisky run – however, if he’s caught, he will face a traitor’s death.

Emma Thorne’s uncle is trying to kill her and so far has failed, thank goodness. But with only one month until she reaches her majority, inherits her fortune and is released from his guardianship, she knows she is not safe. Emma escapes to a nearby estate where she stumbles upon a house party being held by the Wicked Earls’ Club and finds herself at the mercy of the most extraordinary earl. One who could save her or see her condemned.

When innocent lies become reality and danger follows them every step of the way, could love be the answer to both their problems, or will their passions be their undoing? 


Every time I pick up one of Madeline Martin’s books, my heart gets shredded. She creates such characters that they find a way to get under my skin and make me care so much about them. I then find myself on the edge of my seat when they get into trouble, praying they get out of it. And her happy endings…they bring tears to my eyes every time. (Is this where I use “all the feels”?)

lauren conrad aww

Emma and Alistair were no different. I loved how perfect they were together, even when they weren’t together. And when they were…wow! I really enjoyed seeing Emma as such an innocent person. It really suited her character that she was sheltered, protected, a virgin. I almost got to see the world in a fresh way through her eyes.

I felt for Emma and her plight immediately. Her creepy uncle is trying to force her to marry his son so that they can control her wealth, basically. And she wants nothing to do with it. So, when the book opens with a murder of a servant who was mistaken for Emma and we see just how far her uncle is willing to go to get her money, it is easy to feel for her and want everything to work out in her favor. And, of course, I wanted her uncle to get what was coming to him.

giphy (55)

I thought Alistair’s mom, Madge, was incredibly entertaining. She hates the English. Emma is English. You see where I am going with this? I wanted to smack her upside the head a few times but ultimately ended up liking her.

The pacing on this book was perfect. There were no lulls and I actually read two-thirds of it in the middle of the night because I got so sucked in and just couldn’t put it down.

The more I read of Madeline Martin’s books, the more I love historical fiction.

Disclaimer: As with many romances, this one is 18+ due to some mild sexual content.

Want to hear from the author herself? Stop by tomorrow for our exclusive interview with the talented Madeline Martin.

Until then!


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