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AtoZ Read-a-Thon Time!

Back in the beginning of January, we announced a Read-a-Thon coming your way! And then last week, we got sick. Really, cruddy, not-getting-off-the-couch sick. And in all that sick . . . we forgot about the Read-a-Thon!

Yes, we forgot. BUT it is still Monday the 12th and we were sleeping since 12:01AM anyway.

So . . . LET’S GET READING! Are you joining us? Using a TBR or flying by the seat of your pants? I will be sharing my TBR tomorrow, as I am still finishing up a book for the Romance Readathon today 🙂

Want to participate in a Twitter sprint? We will have those coming to you later in the week. You can sign up on your blog, on social media (just don’t forget to tag us on Twitter @ginger_mom17 and use the hashtag #AtoZReadaThon anywhere you post). This readathon is just for fun so get out there and READ!

As always,


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