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[Discussion] Review the Ginger Mom?


What a strange question to ask, right? I mean, we’re the reviewers, aren’t we?

Yes. But Facebook has this fun little feature (I won’t say it’s new because it could just be new to me. I am that disconnected from social media) where you can rate a page.

Has your book been reviewed by the Ginger Mom? What about you – have you been interviewed? Have we toured for your book? Have you read one of our reviews and liked / disliked it? (If you have something negative to say, we would love if you would come talk to us – who knows, maybe we can help you have a better experience next time!) Would you be willing to take a couple minutes, click on some stars, and leave us a sentence or two review?

giphy (29)

You see, the more ratings you have (and I’m assuming this works the same with Facebook pages – if I am completely off my cracker here, please feel free to set me straight), the more Facebook (and the online community) looks and you and says, “oh hey, maybe you don’t suck!” And people start swinging by to see what it is you have to say. And those visits lead to blog visits, which (eventually) leads to Crystal and I being able to do this full-time, to give you guys our undivided attention.

Please don’t confuse this plea for reviews as me saying we want to get rich blogging. That’s not the case. We are hoping to one day be able to make just enough income that we can do this full-time. That’s all. The biggest part of this is, however, that WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF US. Yes, we’re curious.

So, what do you say? Want to review the reviewers?


8 thoughts on “[Discussion] Review the Ginger Mom?”

  1. When I look at the stats from where my viewers come from very rarely they come from Facebook (not in the top ten places people come from), even with over 500 likes/followers. I’m not convinced that Facebook is a great platform for blogs. I do have one that is regularly updated though.


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