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[Review] The Wish I Wished Last Night – Shelley Pierce


Today, we are excited to share another Indie author with you, one we are proud to support. Her book tackles a very common issue among kids – bullying.
The Wish I Wished Last Night
by Shelley Pierce
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc
Release Date: October 22, 2017
Genre: Middle Grade, Christian Fiction
Pages: 174
Format Read: Paperback
Source: Author for Review
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Reviewed by Megan & Crystal

Eleven-year-old Jase Freeman is confused when the line between his dreams and his reality blurs. How can climbing hills in his dreams make his legs hurt during the day? He realizes the multi-colored creature in his dreams is leading him. But where?

Secrets, the school bully, strange dreams, and trouble at home are about to collide and Jase has decisions to make. Can people really wish on stars? Does God hear the prayer of a mixed-up boy just trying to figure it all out?


We decided on one review for this book, as our opinions aligned so strongly. This book is a great story about dealing with bullies and difficulties at home. It shows that the saying about “walking a mile in someone’s shoes” BEFORE judging them really is true.

Jase, the main character, was developed really well. He seemed a bit mature for a middle grade story but that was due mostly to the role his character played. His dad was killed in a war and his mom is a single mom trying to take care of everything. So, naturally, he had to grow up before his time. Jase was an easy character to feel for. Between trying to help is mom regain the sparkle in her eyes (her happiness, her laughter), he also has to deal with a bully at school. He handled quite a bit for a middle school kid. Impressive.

In Megan’s opinion, the ending was a bit abrupt, though it did manage to wrap everything up well. It just seemed that, in only a few pages, everything was over. This was just one of those books that you could really get emotionally invested in the characters and crave more, to have the story continue just a bit longer.

As with many Middle Grade books, Jase’s story is one that he goes through on his own. His mom plays a very background role as Jase learns to deal with a bully at school on his own, with the help and guidance of a teacher he trusts.


This is a great book for kids in the middle school age, just coming into their own individuality and learning to deal with bullies and other issues on their own. If you want to show a kid who is struggling with a bully that it is okay to stand up for what you believe in, and others, but not get violent, this is a fantastic book. If you’re trying to show someone to have faith in God, faith that everything will work out, this is a fantastic book. If you just want a fun Middle Grade book with adventure in it, this is a fantastic book.

In short, we enjoyed this one quite a bit 🙂


Have you read this one? Do you know someone who would love it? Don’t be shy – let us know in the comments! And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our interview with Shelley, as well 🙂

Happy Tuesday, booknerds!



16 thoughts on “[Review] The Wish I Wished Last Night – Shelley Pierce”

  1. I love this. Middle school is so hard on so many kids and this sounds like a perfect story to help kiddos. As a military brat, I can back up the author using a more mature kid–you have to be when you know what your dad does and they might not come home from it.

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