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2018 #MoodyReader Challenge

moody reader challenge

Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. It’s February and I am STILL signing up for challenges! In my defense . . .

giphy (27)

I have no defense. I’m moody. And this challenge is for moody people . . . well, moody readers. And it’s Dani. And her blog is gorgeous and fantastic and I adore her and I’ve run out of describing words (an entire day of kids hanging on me and “Mommy, Mommy” has my brain a bit frazzled).


I’m going to say the title captures my thoughts perfectly . . . I’m moody. So no TBR. Not that I’ve made a TBR for any challenge but that’s not the point πŸ™‚ I am, however, going to commit to 15 books for this challenge, all ones I already own.

And Dani is right, this one complements our AtoZ Challenge perfectly! So if you’re looking for something else to do this year, go check out the Moody Reader Challenge.


Ruthless Magic (Conspiracy of Magic #1) – Megan Crewe | ARC Review


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