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Our Origin Story – A Look Inside the Ginger Mom


Once upon a time, there was a quiet, introverted, red-headed booknerd. Sometime in middle school, this little ginger decided she wanted to be an interior decorator. Until she realized she had absolutely no talent for it. Then, she started writing stories on the bus ride home from school. Those first stories . . . were horrible. But don’t worry, they got better. And she hasn’t given up on that dream. It’s tucked lovingly between Super Mom and Super-Ultra-Mega-Awesome Blogger Girl.

Fast-forward a few years and the little ginger is in her senior year of high school, anxiously pondering what she wants to do with her life after graduation. She sits in on a presentation, given by a woman sharing her name (talk about fate!), about the culinary arts. Bingo.


A few years later, the ginger now has a degree in her hand and realizes that the restaurant industry has way too much drama for her liking. She does, however, have it to thank for the introduction to her Prince Charming.

giphy (20)

As our story progresses, the ginger has started fine-tuning her writing craft and thinks maybe she will try her hand at journalism . . . until she realizes she can’t use the worst moment in somebody’s life to further her career. Enter the movieΒ Julie & Julia. Our ginger already has a love of cooking so this movie is an instant favorite of hers. But it also sparks an idea . . . what about a blog?

So she tries a cooking blog. Flop. Well, she loves to read. Why not that? Megz Madd Readz (horrible name!) enters the picture . . . and promptly leaves. Then we have All the Doodles ‘n Scribbles (seriously, where does she come up with these names?!) Again, the interest wanes too quickly to make anything of it. Then, she decides to switch from the irritating and confusing Blogger to WordPress. Voila! We have a winner. And the name? Well, she’s a ginger (and proud of it!) and her life revolves around her two crazy munckins. She also has a slight obsession with Indiana Jones . . . and reading! Don’t forget that. With that, Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest is born. One lady, on a quest to tame that ever-growing Kindle beast.

giphy (21)

But our story isn’t over! Our Ginger Mom now has the blog, and the subject (books, books, books!) but she realizes she doesn’t want to do it alone. Many bloggers out there take on co-bloggers to increase their content and help their blog grow. She starts to wonder, who could she share this little dream with? Not some random person she doesn’t know. And most of her “real-life” friends aren’t into books (not to the crazed lunatic degree she is). And so she’s texting her mom one day and asks, “do you want to blog with me?” Crazy as it sounds, the answer comes back “yes!

Why yes? Because she was ready to travel in a different direction and she thought it sounded like a great idea! What more do you need to start a new adventure?

And this adventure is just beginning . . .



28 thoughts on “Our Origin Story – A Look Inside the Ginger Mom”

  1. That was fun to read. I’ve been thinking about taking on a co-blogger but I don’t know if I could do it with my mom. She’s very much enjoying her retired life and I think this would feel way more like work to her.

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  2. This was such a delight to read! I’m glad you were able to finally find something that you loved after trying out different lifestyles πŸ™‚

    (What you said about journalism really piqued my interest; I’ve never thought about the media like that, but I realize it’s true on many levels…)


  3. Aww this post is so cute!! I think all of us have been there, I’ve had multiple blogs that have long since died. I have this only one blog left. Not sure if this will be the last or if I will have more!
    It’s great that you found a co-blogger. It’s really hard to have one that meshes with what you like. I am too much of a control freak to have a co-blogger, though.


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