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[Review] 23:27 – H.L. Roberts


I received this book from the author in exchange for my review. My opinions are in no way influenced by this.

by H.L. Roberts
Publisher: Cadava Publishing
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: YA Lit
Pages: 195
Format Read: Kindle
Source: Author for Review
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23:27 touches on the very sensitive topics of suicide and mental stability when the pressures of society get too difficult to handle even for the most stable individual. Lilith Rose is the lead singer of the popular rock band, United Misfits, and she is tired of all the lies, secrets, and heartache that came with the price tag of stardom. After years of dealing with forced contracts, she does the unthinkable and flees to a small run-down hotel on the outskirts of Los Angeles, where she hosts her tell-all Livestream. Finally, the truth is out there, and Lilith has a decision to make. Life or Death . . . 

I wanted so badly to love this book. In the beginning, it hooked me. And then I saw the path it was taking . . . very reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet. And when I say that, I mean the end. Not the beautiful love story.

Lilith gave up the love of her life. She let pressure from their band’s management team and so-called “fans” dictate her choice. And for that, I felt bad for her. Fame and fortune aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. But the problem is, you don’t get to see the love story between Lilith and Alec. This book jumped right into the depression. She gets online and tells the world everything that happened, then says goodbye, and tries to kill herself.

Alec. I had a problem with him. After Lilith ends up in the hospital, he wants to make her hurt the way he hurt. So he goes to her house and trashes everything. Really? I understand rules don’t always apply to famous people the same as everyone else but nobody says anything. One of his band-mates comes and holds him while he cries. But they don’t touch on the fact that he just destroyed her house because he was upset. Can you say spoiled much?

Don’t get me wrong, this book had me hooked. I wanted to find out what happened . . . I guess I just wanted it to go a different direction. At one point, Alec mentions how selfish Lilith was to try taking her own life. She thought only of herself, not how much she was going to hurt everyone else. And, as bad as it sounds, I agree with him. I thought it was selfish on her part.

This book is a hard one to read. It is depressing. There are definitely triggers for those who suffer from mental issues, depression, and thoughts of suicide. I know I am more suited for the happy-go-lucky stories. That being said, it was very well written. I could feel something for the characters, it just wasn’t what I wanted to feel. They are definitely three-dimensional, well-rounded characters. The pacing was well done, not leaving holes where everything fizzles. The plot didn’t stall and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of filler content. Every scene in this book seemed to serve its purpose well.

I wanted to love this book . . .


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