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[KidLit Review] Grumpy Dinosaur – Michael Gordon

IMG_20180110_230512_104000.png 35663948.jpg
Grumpy Dinosaur
by Michael Gordon
Release Date: July 10, 2017
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Range: 3-5
Pages: 27
Format Read: Kindle
Source: Purchased
Buy: Amazon
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Challenge: 2018 AtoZ KidLit Challenge
Reviewed by Megan

A little dinosaur gets annoyed easily, sometimes for no reason at all! Simple rhymes, cute characters in adorable settings, and a sweet, comforting addition to your child’s nighttime routine. 


How cute! Little dinosaur keeps getting annoyed and angry throughout the day, not realizing that he is being rude and mean to others. I loved how simple the story was, and how easy it was for Mister Chu to understand. He said more than once that the little dinosaur was being grumpy and mean. This book easily shows little ones that it’s not nice to be rude to others. And the artwork . . . adorable! The colors were bright and the expressions on the little dragon’s face were priceless.

While I don’t know if I would make this part of a nighttime routine, it was definitely a fun addition to our afternoon reading 🙂

This book was reviewed as part of the KidLit version of the 2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge!

Have you read any great picture books this year? Lady Quinn and Mister Chu are always looking for new books to read! Let us know your favorites in the comments below 🙂


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