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[Review] Usborne Peek Inside the Farm


Many of you are probably thinking “Woman, get some coffee. It’s PEEP, not PEEK.” My defense? Not on my book, it isn’t. But the Internet did not agree with me while looking for a book cover.

Moving on . . .
peek inside the farmPeek Inside the Farm
by: Anna Milbourne
Publisher: Usborne Books
Release Date: 2014
Genre: KidLit
Age Group: 3 and up
Pages: 14
Format Read: Board Book
Source: Gift
Buy: Amazon
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What can I say? In our house, even the toys are green. Mister Chu received this book as a birthday present a year ago, I believe, and so many pages and flaps have been re-taped since then. This book has been read and read. Put away for bedtime. Get up in the morning and read it yet again. Mister Chu even started reading it to his sister.

The art, done by Olga Demidova, is gorgeous. And the Peek Inside flaps are positioned just right that they tell the story, even if there were no words on the page. The story is simple, easy for little minds to grasp. It’s perfect for any age.




26 thoughts on “[Review] Usborne Peek Inside the Farm”

  1. Haha Peek Inside… think you may have been sent a misprint version … definitely Peep (disclaimer..I’m a Usborne Books Independent Organiser).
    I love these books though… such lovely pictures and gentle introduction from fiction to factual books for children x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m curious so just looked… yes there are both … but Peek Inside not available here… I’m in UK. The ones I sell are all Peep.

        Are you in America? I believe Usborne there publish their own titles… that might explain the differing titles. Still fabulous books though 😊


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