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[Review] Trailer, Get Your Kicks! – Karen Musser Nortman

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Trailer, Get Your Kicks!
by Karen Musser Nortman
Series: Time Travel Trailer #3
Release Date: December 10, 2017
Genre: Time Travel
Pages: 249
Format Read: Kindle
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Reviewed by Crystal

Lynne McBriar swore her vintage trailer would stay in a museum where it would be safe from further time travel. But when a museum in Texas wants to borrow it, she determines that she must deliver it herself. Her husband Kurt convinces her to take it along Route 66 for research he is doing. What starts out as a family vacation soon turns deadly. Travel can be dangerous any time, but when your trip involves the Time Travel Trailer, who knows where (or when) you will end up?


This is the last in the three-part series about the travel trailer that really . . . travels! I love the concept of all the books, the idea of time travel. I enjoyed the characters as usual and their banter, and especially loved the Edna Mae storyline (nope, no spoilers. Go read it for yourself!) and that really made the whole book for me.

There were times during the story where it lagged . . . I felt that the story could have been condensed, as it was very slow. Again, with the introduction of the Edna Mae storyline, things picked up and this was the Travel Trailer storyline I fell in love with. Definitely worth reading! And a good way to tie all the ends together from the first two books!

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12 thoughts on “[Review] Trailer, Get Your Kicks! – Karen Musser Nortman”

    1. Thank you.
      They are a faster read, so this series works really well for what I call “stop & start” reading…..if you are eating lunch, or on the bus, or if you like to read a bit at night to go to sleep. Fun & relaxing, hey, works for me!!


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