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[Review] Bayside Passions – Melissa Foster [Blog Tour]


Welcome to the Ginger Mom’s stop on the Bayside Passions blog tour for New York Times Bestselling author, Melissa Foster. I have loved Melissa’s writing – her characters and her stories – since I first read one of her books.

IMG_20180104_110538_298000.png bayside passions melissa foster
Bayside Passions
by Melissa Foster
Series: Love in Bloom – Bayside Summers #2
Publisher: World Literary Press
Release Date: January 10, 2018
Genres: Steamy Romance
Pages: 362
Format Read: Kindle
Source: Author for Review
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When Emery Andrews’s best freind, Desiree, moves away, falls in love, and opens an inn all in one summer, she feels her absence like a missing limb. Until she visits over the holidays and meets sinfully hot Dean Masters, who’s as easy on the eyes as he is to talk to. After returning home, what starts as a flurry of late-night flirtations quickly turns into a deep connection and unexpected friendship. Now, months later, Desiree offers Emery a job teaching yoga at the inn. Adventurous Emery jumps at the chance and heads for Wellfleet, Massachusetts, to reunite with her BFF and her new close friend, Dean.

After months of sharing their lives, and their secrets, over video chats and phone calls, Dean’s ready to move things to the next level. The fact that Emery seems oblivious to the sparks between them and has recently put her foot down about dating friends just means he’ll have to bide his time.

When Emery finds a naked man in her kitchen the first morning she’s there, Dean doesn’t hesitate to move her into his guest room. Maybe now Emery will see what’s right before her eyes – although that guy she’s got a date with might be a problem. 


Two words – book hangover.

giphy (7)

Meets . . .

giphy (8)

This book was beautiful. I loved the deep friendship Emery and Dean had right from the start of the book. And Emery was such a unique character. She’s a wild, free spirit who speaks her mind and doesn’t sugar coat things. She also doesn’t really think before she does stuff, which I found comical at times. And Dean! Right from the first time you get in his head, you see that he is already falling for Emery, who thinks they are only friends.

It was one great big courtship. He takes her on “example outings”, not real dates because she doesn’t want to date friends. And everything about Dean’s outings is incredibly romantic. Not to mention, as her best friend, he gets her. He knows what makes her tick, what she’s scared of, and what makes her happy. He also accepts her for her, unlike many of the guys she’s already dated.

There’s one tiny hitch. Emery thinks she’s broken. She thinks that, because of her parents’ failed relationship, she breaks all relationships she’s in and therefore is destined to be alone. I absolutely love how she’s not perfect. And Dean’s issues with his father make him not perfect, too. Two imperfect people made the best love story!


Want more of Dean and Emery? Check out Ramblings from This Chick‘s review today 🙂 And of course, don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Melissa 🙂

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