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January Mini Challenges [2018 AtoZ Challenge]


If you’ve been wandering around Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram the last couple days, you no doubt saw our mini challenges for the month. What you didn’t see was our little bonus for those who choose to participate in the mini challenges. At the end of June, at the halfway point for the AtoZ Challenge, we will be doing a special little giveaway (a $25 Amazon gift card) for one lucky winner.

This giveaway is for mini challenge participants only. We will be keeping track of those who participate (just tweet us, link up on the mini challenge post, let us know on Facebook or Instagram – it doesn’t matter how you do it, just let us know you’ve completed one of the mini challenges!) and at the end of June, we will be picking one random winner πŸ™‚

So what are this month’s challenges? Take a look!


A book you bought based on the cover or author.Β 
A book told from the villain’s perspective.

That’s all there is to it! Above all else, have fun!


31 thoughts on “January Mini Challenges [2018 AtoZ Challenge]”

  1. Ironically enough, I just finished a book that’s told in the villain’s POV and I originally bought it because I liked the cover, lol. This is a great idea!


  2. THis s such a great way to interact more with other readers out there. I like the idea of incorporating these mini challenges into the grand scale of your a to Z challenge.

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          1. I didn’t know if you had them planned out for the year or not. It’s a lot of planning at one time (not something I could do ). Lol. I look forward to seeing what mini challenges spring up.

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