2018 AtoZ Challenge

January Review Link-Up [2018 AtoZ Challenge]


The clock officially ticked over to 12:00AM . . . hello January 1st! And hello to the #2018AtoZChallenge!

guardians finally

Are you as excited as we are? Are you? Really? For months we have been talking and tweeting and brainstorming ways to make this an exciting reading your for you guys. And now it’s finally here!

Now what? Get reading! Then come back here and link your reviews. Easy as that πŸ™‚ For your link title, just use the title of the book – name of author. Ex.Β Cauldron Bubble – Wendy Knight. And if you are a duo (like us!) and using the same blog / Twitter account for the challenge, just add the name of the reviewer behind the author name. Ex.Β Cauldron Bubble –Β Wendy Knight (Megan).

Remember – one link per letter per participant. Also, if you are doing the adult AND the KidLit versions, you get one entry for the adult and one entry for the KidLit.

Make sense?

If you get lost and can’t find the link-up, we will be adding each one to the 2018 AtoZ Challenge page when it goes live at the beginning of the month. These links are only open until the end of the month. When a new month starts, you get a new link-up.


Give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just email us at gingermomquest17@gmail.com. Above all, have fun and start collecting those letters!

Ready to add your reviews? Click the little blue frog!

Happy New Year booknerds and welcome to the First Annual AtoZ Reading Challenge!

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